Ask Max Monday: She’s old. Really old.

Ask Max Monday

This weekend the Woman has been off doing things other than paying attention to me and catering to my whims. Worse, the Man is complicit in her inattention by going off and doing things with her. We’ve gotten NO work done, and because of that, no Ask Max Monday this week.

Today, though, it’s her birthday. She’s either 97 or 71 or 83 or something like that. Old, that’s what. And she’s going off and doing things that don’t involve me YET AGAIN, and I bet I don’t even get a bite of birthday cake.

Where’s the cake, lady???

We’ll be back next week, so ask questions! Drop me a line at or leave it in the comments here.

4 thoughts on “Ask Max Monday: She’s old. Really old.

  1. Max! You should be nicer to the lady who brings you Stinky Goodness, Seedless Steak, and helps you write all of your cool stuff!

    Happy birthday!

  2. Hi Guys!

    Did you get the woman a present? We never get our humans a present. We are all the gifts they need!

    Paxx & Rosie

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