Ask Max Monday: Suggestions for Pixel, Please

Ask Max Monday

Hi max. I am pixels mom Karen. I need some help. Pixel is now on a liquid allergy med everyday for the next 6 weeks , in time it will be twice a week for life , and day 1 has not gone well. Can I get ideas on how to maybe make this not as crappy as it is. I will also add she does not like any wet food or table scraps. I have tried and tried. And there is no pill option and without it she is miserable. Please help .

I am the King of being difficult to medicate. I’d be better at telling Pixel how to get out of it (which involves teeth and growling and pooping on people.) But there are two things that I’ve heard work.

1-squish the kitty. The wigglier, the harder you squish (but, you know, don’t hurt her of course.) If you have help, hold her kinda like a football and squish her to you then have someone else squirt the medicine in her mouth. If you don’t have someone to help, sit on the floor and squish her between your legs and then squirt. You probably know this, though… She’s not gonna like it but…

2-right after medicating, offer something she really likes. Since she prefers dry food, maybe a handful of a type she enjoys but doesn’t eat routinely. For me, this would be Fancy Feast dry. We don’t get it as regular food but once in a while we get it as treats and enjoy that a heck of a lot.

If that doesn’t work…well, sometimes even cats who don’t like wet food or people food will like human baby food, turkey in particular (just make sure you get a kind that doesn’t have onions or onion powder in it.) If it seems like she likes it, she could learn to associate the medication with getting the tasty treat. Or if you can mix it with the baby food, that saves the bother of giving her the meds.

Steak works for me…every week the people grill a steak and cut it into thin strips and I get that twice a day with a seed tucked away inside a piece, and after I scarf that down I get a couple more seed-less pieces.

Is there a version that could be rubbed into her ears? Your stabby guy might know of a compounding pharmacy that could make it if it’s not generally available.

I know this isn’t all that helpful but it’s all I got. Hopefully others will have better ideas to make it a more pleasant thing for her.

Max, I gots the TV on right now and there’s a woman named Judge Judy on. Do you ever watch her? She reminds me of you.

DOOD. Harsh.

I don’t watch her because she scared the boogers out of me.

I like her on talk shows, though. But her court show? She’s so freaking tough that I get nervous and leave the room.

I like that in a woman.

Okay, Max, I watched a few episodes of your beloved Doctor Who. I think it was the last one; grumpy guy with the eyebrows. I enjoyed what I saw, but often could not understand him. How do you follow along?

Two words, dood: closed captioning.

We usually watch each episode twice, once as is and the second time with captioning on so we can catch everything. After a while, though, you get used to it and can understand even with his burr.

I really liked the grumpy guy with the eyebrows. People like to pick “their” Doctor, and he’s mine.

Well, for now. The next one might be my new favorite. She probably better be, since I’m going to marry her.

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6 thoughts on “Ask Max Monday: Suggestions for Pixel, Please

  1. Hello again, one other thing I meant to add – you might want to look into Jackson Galaxy’s Spirit Essences line of flower essences. The staff are super helpful with deciding which kind to get. I’ve seen promising testimonials (at least on their old site, haven’t looked recently to see if they put them back up since they upgraded) specifically regarding allergies. It doesn’t affect the other meds so you can safely administer it without changing what she is currently on, at least to begin with. Who knows maybe it works great and you can talk to your vet about trying to taper off of the others? There are no side effects or interactions so at the very least it can’t hurt. They usually run around $20-$25 which is pretty cheap in comparison to other meds, it can take a little time to see the full effect though depending on the type. They are liquid but it doesn’t have to be ingested, just rub it on her fur. I was pretty skeptical but tried it in a moment of desperation and was pleasantly surprised (shocked tbh).


    (PS sorry about all of the typos in the last reply…tiny keyboard/fat fingers…)

  2. Hi Pixel’s mom, when I was struggling with getting meds into my cat, the vet recommended Road Runner pharmacy. They are a compounding mail order pharmacy. They were able to get a med that I was having trouble with in an ear gel which helped a ton. You could give them a call just to see if they have any ideas, then your vet just calls in the script.
    The other things that worked for me were tuna juice (have heard clam juice from some also), and Hartz Delectables Bisque Senior 15+ Tuna & Chicken Lickable Cat Treat, (less than $10 for a case of 12 from chewy, and they are sold just about everywhere so you might want to get a couple single packs of different varieties.
    I also struggled a lot to get Sersha to eat set food (in large part due to chronic kidney disease and Rx diets) but Royal Canin has a Rx food thats called Recovery I think? You can get a can from the vet and try it,its a very wet high calorie diet for getting sick and picky animals eating. Just use it as a treat like Max said.
    If she likes dairy at all theres a product called CatSip thats like lactose free milk.
    There are a few ‘toppimgs’ such as Bonito flakes and Florastor(sp?)) that some folks swear by.

    I really hope you find a solution, I know how that feels and its not good.


  3. Pixel is on atopica. If it was a pill I would be set. She gets a baby aspirin twice a week and I got that. I plan on asking if there is an alternative when the bottle is almost empty. I will say it is working and I have tried to explain why she is on it. But I have been scratched and she drools she out but is getting enough in.

  4. Attention Pixel’s Mom!
    My kitty also has allergies. If Pixel is on benadryl or something similar, those are very bitter. You can order empty gelatin capsules, put the liquid inside and use a pill gun.
    Alternatively, see if Pixel can be switched to CITERIZINE. They come in tiny 10mg tablets, my kitty gets 5mg every day, so you just cut one up and pop it in.

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