Ask Max Monday: The Pest Was The Best

Ask Max Monday

This is not what I wanted to write this week. I wanted to answer questions, I wanted to find some funny, I wanted to tell everyone that Buddah was hanging in there and doing well. I wanted so many things, but not this.

He just didn’t get any better. We had some ups and downs and there were a couple of times we got excited because he ate a little bit and he pooped, but those moments were overshadowed by how quickly he was fading. He lost a lot of weight in a very short time, and as he sat on the floor we could see his entire upper body pulse with each heart beat. He was tired, and he began meowing a lot, something he rarely did.

For most of the time I lived with him, we didn’t get along. But guys…we’d started to. As the Woman noted, we’d become gentle with each other. We could share the same space, even nap on the same bed (as long as we weren’t touching) and she caught us drinking out of the fountain together a couple of times lately. He respected my frailty and stopped biting my neck; in the last days, I tried to respect what was happening and stayed out of the way so the people could have their time with him.

He tried hard; he fought for his own life. But it was too much, and the People made the decision to let him go.

You can read more at the Woman’s blog, the post she made on October 7th, and at my blog, same day. It’s too hard to write about all over again. It was not supposed to happen like this; he was not supposed to go first. He was supposed to be here for many more years, we all counted on it.

He was a pest. Most definitely a pest. But he was my pest, my annoying little brother, and I keep looking for him.

I know where he is, so I’m not sure why I keep looking. I hope he’s already found Dusty and Hank, and that he was greeted by all our blogging buddies who got to the Bridge before him…but I hope he’s not gossiping about me, because he has some whoppers he could tell.

Buddah, dood, I’ll see you before you know it. I think you’ll be too busy there to miss me as much as we’re all missing you here. I’ll stay here a while and take care of the People. Just have a great time there while you wait for me. I want you to have the best time possible, eat all the things you couldn’t the last couple of weeks, and soak up all the sun puddles.

Go on, it’s not greedy. Blink and there will be more.

I promise.

Buddah Pest

March 15ish 2005 – October 7, 2020

King of the Run-On Sentence and Snoopervisor Extraordinaire.


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10 thoughts on “Ask Max Monday: The Pest Was The Best

  1. Max, we are SO sorry to hear this … as you say, he was YOUR pest and it was wonderful to hear about his escapades.

    None of us get to pick when we come and go, but I know you were the best possible friend to him–and your family was the best possible family for him while he was here.

  2. So very sorry. Buddah was a handsome boy. I am sure he could not have had a better life than his life with you.

  3. Oh, we are so very sorry about Buddah!

    Lots of furry hugs and soothing purrs from Sweden ❤❤❤

  4. Ohhh No! We are so sorry, we knowthe pain of losing a dear friend and we are keepng you and the whole family in our prayers. Love is never gone, and the bond of love between all creatures transcends death. I believe we;ll all be together again, and we pray for your healing from the pain of loss that you are feeling!


  5. I admire your ability to write all this after those horrific last 10 days! Truly you are a major grace to all of us. We need you to stay put longer,Max! You give so many intangible gifts that we would sure be lost for a long time. Maybe sing a few arias and watch a little Dr Who.
    If you have a kindle, you can watch the show any time and any episode even if it is not on tv. That just might help you at this trying time!
    I send my deepest condolences to you,the Woman, and the Man. Love y’all.

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