Ask Max Monday: Tiny Bubbles…In The Bath…

Ask Max Monday

Deer Max – The mom lady person thinks ME is weerd. When she is in the bath tub ME likes to drink the water and eat the bubblies in there. ME says it’s normal. Is it or is ME just weerd like the mom lady person says. – Yore friend Billy

Dood…it’s a little bit weird. Not the drinking of the water, all kitties need water and hey, why not get it while there’s a bunch of it available? But the eating of the bubbles? That’s kind of odd. Not in a BAD way—it just makes you a little…special. So ignore her when she says you’re weird. You’re just enjoying some People Soup, that’s all.

You are so smart, witty, and wise! How did you ever get it all into one kitty? Amazing!

I watch TV. They tell you a lot on that thing, especially on those Videos of Stupid People Doing Stupid Things shows. You really get to know how peoples’ brains work watching that. Oh, and I read a lot. Because reading is fun and mental. Or something like that.

Oh my gosh, Max! There is a little gray kitten stuck in the bathroom mirror. He is there every time I check and he likes to play patty cake but he’s no good with hide ‘n seek. I told my brother about this and so he went to check. He say I’m dumb because it isn’t a gray kitten. He says it is a gray and white kitten! But I say he is dumb because that kitten is gray! Who is right?

All right, dood, I went and checked, and you’re both wrong. It’s a black and white kitty, and he is SUPER HANDSOME. Maybe it’s time for you guys to go to the stabby place and get your eyes checked?

I love your new cover and the title of the book. And you picture on the cover is beautiful. Be I’m worried. You look really thin next to the book photo. Is something wrong?
Concerned Luna

No worries, Luna…It’s just the angle that the picture was taken at (for those curious, Luna is referring to a picture I posted on my personal blog of me sitting in front of the computer.) I was leaning forward a little and the Woman was leaning back a little, trying to get both the monitor and me in the frame. Now, I have lost a couple pounds since last year, but that’s due to a change in my diet…which is a good thing since I was over 18 pounds. Now I’m 16ish. Two more pounds this year and everyone will be happy. But thank you for asking. Seriously. It’s nice to know someone notices things like that and cares enough to ask.

Max, ya know how you sometimes get mad because your people won’t let you eat a food because it’ll make flames shoot out your butt? Well, they’re not lying. I ate my dad’s enchilada when his back was turned, and a few hours later–oh yeah, flames out my backside. At least it feels like it. Thought you’d want to know. It really happens!

Good to know, dood.

I still think most of the time my people just don’t want to share, but yeah, that was worth sharing. I don’t think I would mind the actual flames, because hey, I might be able to rocket around the room, but I don’t think I’d enjoy the afterburn.

Thanks for the heads up!

6 thoughts on “Ask Max Monday: Tiny Bubbles…In The Bath…

  1. Dear Max, you do know that the stabby place isn’t all that bad, don’t you? The dude who runs the stabby place saved my mommy and all my brother’s lives when someone threw us out in the rain in a box. He putted medicines in our eyes so we could get better and find furrever homes. And yeah, he stabbed us a bit too, but that’s better than being a blind alley cat.

  2. MAX! Apparently I have something called “cute” all over my body. I don’t know how it got there. Should I be concerned?

  3. Hey Max,
    Will I turn pink if I eat a lot of real live fresh dead shrimps? My hoomin staff lady says that is how flamingos get the pink color. I think I might look good as a pink and black tuxie.
    Yours royally,
    Empress Neki

  4. Max, dood, why does meowmy always trys to kis me onna lips? I gotta strait arm her to keeps her lips away. I meen I don kno where her mouf has ben!

    Rosie Posie

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