Ask Max Monday

What kind of charity needs her to wear those pants, or do i want to know?

Max, what is your very favorite toy of all time ?

She doesn’t HAVE to wear them and I think the charity would prefer she didn’t. SHE LIKES THEM.


I don’t really have a favorite toy since I don’t play with them anymore. But when I did, my absolute favorite was a nip banana. And not just any nip banana. It has to say YEOW on it. Those are the best nip bananas, I think. They have tons of nip inside, and you have to work super hard to rip one open.

In fact, I think I’d like a new one. I probably wouldn’t play with it, but it would make a nice pillow.

= = =

I would like to ask if did you ever use a cat inhaler? I am still choosing one for my Burmese cat.

No, I haven’t. I have seasonal allergies, so the people were prepared for the possibility, but I never got any worse than some coughing off and on for a week or two twice a year, when stuff is blooming. So my only experience with inhalers is seeing them on TV.

= = =

With pants like those others, Max, your staff may be arrested!
Do you have a fall back position in case of such an eventuality?

Well, only the Woman would get arrested, and the Man is still here, so I think I would be okay. But I bet he would use all my money to bail her out. And he wouldn’t even ask me. He’d just take it all to buy her way out of a fashion crime.

Cripes, I bet she’d even be proud of that.

= = =


Yep, that’s right.

Only 2 more months.

Time to start thinking about what you want, and maybe even what you want to wish for someone else.

I already got what I want.

= = =

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3 thoughts on “Ask Max Monday: TWO MORE MONTHS

  1. Oh wise Max,
    Whyyyyyyyy did we have to wait so long for breakfast on Sunday morning? And dinner? You’d think the human would have compensated us for the late breakfast. Is this going to be the way it is forever–chow a WHOLE HOUR late?

    Who does our human think she is?

  2. Max, we do NOT want to hear that ‘S’ word spoken…it’s still October! Although, I have plugged in the heaty pad for The ‘O’ Cats already. They don’t have wool sweaters and thick socks like I do.

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