Ask Max Monday: Watch ALL The Things!

Ask Max Monday

Max, we love to see that you are keeping on keeping on!
I have a question:
Sweetie sometimes sleeps on an old bedsheet, that bunched up inside a crate. I want to rearrange that sheet, since I’m sure it’s not as comfortable as it could be, but I don’t want to fuss enough that she doesn’t want to use it. Should I leave it alone, or make it tidy and more comfy?
Thanks, Dude!

Don’t worry about how tidy it is or how comfy it looks. We sleep where we like, and sometimes we like sleeping on messy piles of whatever we can find that looks and smells good. And a bunched-up sheet is sometimes more fluffy and comfy that one that’s been nicely folded and placed just so. I mean, think about it. Would you rather rest your head on a hard, flat pillow, or one you’ve fluffed up a bit?

Sometimes I like curling up on an old towel that I pushed into a pile. But I also like stretching out on the floor…something my people don’t understand when there are two perfectly good sofas in my bedroom. They think I would be more comfy on one of the sofas, but there I am, on the floor, sleeping happily.

Then again, sometimes, I like sleeping in a chair with the quilt the Woman isn’t happy about getting fur all over.

I might even barf on it later.

= = =

Dude, we have nothing but respect for your attitude, and well your attitude to all things! On the matter of boxes, that one sure does look good, maybe your staff can publish the sizes so we all can make our own?
Either that or I’ll get Mrs H to chop everything down to my size once I get tired of leaping about.
OK, as to questions this week, what we really, amongst many other things, want to know is where would you go if you didn’t have to travel, ie you had your own bevy of hand maidens and sedan chair or flying carpet to take you places. If is out into the sci-fi realm, I’m sure we could stretch to getting the TARDIS on a one minute rental, after all that’s all you’d want or need given its time travel capacity.
Till next week!

I think the boxes are like 12 x 6, maybe 18 x 6. The Man measured the halfway point from the floor to the sofa to figure out how tall they should be but I don’t know how he decided how wide. Probably big enough to be sure I wouldn’t slip off.

I’m not sure there’s anywhere I’d really, really want to go. I’ve lived a lot of places and seen a lot of things—the Man was in the Air Force so we moved and went by car so I got to look out the window—but the happiest place I know is home. This home, specifically. They bought it 11 years ago and said it was my real forever home, and I’m content here.

That’s how I want to spend my time now. Just feeling content. There’s not much better than that.

= = =

Glad things went well, hope it stays that way for a while.

Any ideas on how to convince an orange tabby that is an attention seeker that lying down in front of a very clumsy human at the top of the stairs to demand pets is not a good idea?

Hm. I probably could tell you, but what’s the fun in that??? Just try not to hurt yourself when you faceplant onto the floor. The falling is funny, the blood not so much.

= = =

Max doooood my people are still home ALL THE TIME and need some distraction. Got any suggestions for some bingeable TV? They’re overwhelmed and need to narrow it down.

Ah, your people are kind of like mine. The Man still goes to work, but they’re home an awful lot and we’ve been binge watching some things.

This weekend, the Woman and I have been binging Star Trek Enterprise; we’ve seen all the other Treks but somehow missed this one and 16 episodes in, I really dig it. Any Star Trek is worth the time, but I particularly like this, Deep Space 9, and (if you have CBS All Access) Discovery and Picard.

During the week, we binged season 2 of The Umbrella Academy on Netflix. It’s kinda weird and you have to give the first season a chance (it took me a while to get into it but when I did, I loved it) and season 2 is like OH HELL YES.

If you want one of the best comedies ever, watch all 4 seasons of The Good Place. And again, give it a chance. We watched the first 3 when it came out and were kinda =meh= because we didn’t think it could sustain itself, but later started it again and kept going, and it’s literally one of the best things we’ve seen on network TV. It just got everything right, and the ending was damn near perfect.

And of course there’s always Doctor Who. Not much better than that.

= = =

If you have questions, leave them in the comments or in email and I’ll get to them next week.

3 thoughts on “Ask Max Monday: Watch ALL The Things!

  1. Thank you, Max!
    The Hubby told me the same thing; leave the cats’ stuff ALONE!
    I always want to neaten, defur, etc.
    You are wise, Dude.
    I will not say the same thing to The Hubby; he’d get a swollen head and then where would we be?

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