ASK MAX MONDAY: Y’all Are Still Eating, Aren’t You…?




I think everyone has holiday hangover, so my feelings aren’t hurt that there were no questions (unless you emailed them…we’re having an email issue this week because there’s a new computer and frakall in the way of memory to figure out what the password is. We’ll have that sorted very soon.)

I hope y’all had a fantastic Thanksgiving…and if you’re not in the U.S. I hope all the Happy Thanksgiving posts online all over the place wasn’t too annoying. Americans get excited about it because…turkey.

Oh man, was there turkey…

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5 thoughts on “ASK MAX MONDAY: Y’all Are Still Eating, Aren’t You…?

  1. Hay Max — what’s with the colds? When I go out in the back yard during the day to do my patrols now, it’s cold enuf to freeze off my boy bits (if I still had my boy bits). I ask the lady and the man AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGZ to turn the heet up out thare, but….. nuthin. How do I git them to tern on the warms back thare?

  2. Max,
    Riley is a 16 year old kitty. During the day he seems to be a normal older cat. When the sun starts going down after he eats his supper, and I am not in the same room with him he cries…If I holler at him where I am, he changes his tones like he’s talking and then after awhile he comes into the room I am in. He also does this when he is in his box, it’s like he’s telling his box to move or something. I have heard that cats can get sundowners syndrome like people. In your opinion is it because he is an older kitty?


  3. My cat Gabriel only likes to eat when I am in the kitchen with him. If I’m not in the kitchen, he bothers me until I get up and go into the kitchen with him so he can eat. He eats a little during the day when I’m at work, but once I’m home, I have to go directly to the kitchen so he can eat.

    Gabriel came to live with me when he was about one year old. He’d been living on his own for some time because he was under weight and malnourished. The whole “company while he eats” thing started within two months of his arrival, and seven years later we’re still doing it. (yes, he’s trained me well)

    Do you have any idea why he feels the need to have company while he eats? Is he a “social eater”?
    Does he feel protected when I’m in the room with him?

    Thanks much,

    Gabriel’s Mom

  4. oh Max Iz did emeow you last week, but Iz can’t remember what I said ..wahhhhh its was a long long emeow.

    Maybe it was about sumting called Kissiemouse an a tree an mine big Brofur, Oakley said dere was a Santy Claws an an he can tell iffin wez nauti or nice an well Iz think being on de table is a nice ting Iz like a pretty white ornament.

    So is dere a Santy Claws oh wise Max

    Sugar-cookie from Canada

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