Ask Max Monday: You Gotta Ask, Doods!

This is what I do all week when I don’t have questions to answer:

Well, okay, it’s what I would do if I had one of those things. I wanted one but the Woman was all, “No, no, you can’t buy one because you would play with it for five minutes and then you’d never touch it again,” but she’s like 5 kinds of WRONG on that. I would play the CHIT out of that thing. ALL NIGHT LONG. And doods, I would totally let her play with it, too, because she needs repetitive things like that to focus on, otherwise she’s all grumpy and sit here watching really bad tattoo shows on TV, and that’s just boring to witness after a while.

I also do stuff that looks a lot like this during the week when I have no questions to ponder:

Or I would if I could get Buddah to do it, too, and if we could get some burger thingies to wear. They’d be like crowns! I’d be the king and he’d be the princess!

Man…now I want some burger thingies. And a burger. And a few questions.

G’head. Ask!

9 thoughts on “Ask Max Monday: You Gotta Ask, Doods!

  1. Dear Mr Max,

    I do have a question I wonder about and last night it got serious again. When I sleep and dream, I twitch alot and sometimes talk. The lady has no problem with this, although Fudgie (the elder cat) claims I must be part dog. Shes mean that way. The real problem is that sometimes I attack in my sleep and wake up suddenly with my claws in someone. Mostly the lady. Last night it was only my back claws as I was attacking Fudgie and I learned to keep the fronts in, but I did a three point landing on her arm from a cuddled up ball between her legs in under half a second. One of the backs dug in. I was so embarassed! Am I going to outgrow this? I’m already a big mancat at 16 months old. What do you think?


    PS. Fudgie won’t let me sleep with her. Not even if I give her head bumps.

  2. Dear Max, so my toy mousie got in the baffroom trashcan on accident so I had to knock it over and dig him out so he wouldn’t get frowed away. Mom was okay with that but she not okay with my knocking it over and digging in it every day now. In fact I has had spankings, time outs, water boarding, l’ectrocution, iPaw taken away, no ‘llowances, no dinners, and all sorts of punishments. I don’t like that so big cat Jack said don’t do it when mom and dad are around. So when they were gone I went into the baffroom up to the trashcan and PSSSSSTTT!!!!… magic air sprayed on me and I had to run away. How can that happen when mom and dad not eben home?! Is it like special mom magic?

  3. Hi Max !

    I am not sure if this is where I ask a question…
    My kitteh, Maudy.. he sometimes puts a toy or two in his water dish (granted, one of his toy baskets is right by the water dish) – why does he do that? I think it’s so adorable, and take a photo when he does it, but I just wondered if he did that b/c the toys need a drink, or bath or just want to take a swim – of if he is displeased with something.

    Can you help?

    Maudy’s Mom

  4. Why is it a bad thing that I open the mom’s fridgerfrator that’s next to the bed? Shur, I know it has something called Insulin in it, but it’s COLD and I gets HOT and I need to cool off. She gets HOT too but all she does is throw off her covers, I cannot throw off mine fur. Please tell me I’m not bad.

  5. So, me and The Mom have this routine every night, errr, morning. About an hour before it’s time for breakfast (at about 1:45 heh), I jump off the headboard and divebomb her head a few times. She needs to wake up so that she can feed us. When the divebombing doesn’t work, I sit on her pillow and bite her hair while Tazo claws at the mattress. She says that this is really annoying, but it gets her out of bed every single time. Obviously our tactics work, but she gets mad about it. What’s her deal? How is this annoying?

  6. I have a question! Why does it seem like u r the only one blogging? Me and my sis would appreciate it if Buddha would blog a bit!

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