Ask Max Monday: You Know…People

Ask Max Monday

When we had Sammy cremated, we didn’t know we’d get a box! Heart-shaped, but a box nonetheless. And both Angel and Chuck have oblong wooden boxes.
Purrsonally, Max, I think you should have your Tardis, but I hope it’s not for awhile yet, dood.
Here’s a question:
Do you think that cats KNOW a cat-loving human? I’ve made friends with many neighborhood cats, however some of the strays continue to avoid me, like I was just some random human! Perhaps it’s because they already have a clowder human, and I’m just 2nd fiddle

I think a lot of cats sense when they’re near a human they can trust, but so many have been treated horribly so they just don’t trust anyone, or they’re feral enough to not trust anyone except one whom they’ve known for a very long time. When you live outside and you have to survive by your wits alone, the horrible humans can make you super wary of all of them…even if they come bearing gifts of food.

Then you have the ones like this tux the Woman encountered while she was walking down the bike path one day. He apparently thought she was in need of sustenance because he came out of the bushes with half a rat and dropped it at her feet, then sat back and meowed at her. She was pretty sure he was telling her to eat it…she very politely declined and told him she’d had breakfast already and he should eat as much of it as he could. She’s seen him a lot and he’s definitely feral, but not afraid of anyone or anything.

I tried to tell her she insulted him by not accepting the offer, but, you know…people don’t always listen.

= = =

Dear Max, Well do you remember my older sissyfurs Aspen? Well, Mom was truly planning that Aspen would live to at least age 18 +- however she got sick and hid it that she wasnt eating like she needed to be. Mom took Aspen to the Veterinarian Stabby Guy! However, Aspen ran off to the Rainbow Bridge anyway! And Aspen had a bñack face but sky Blue Eyes! Well when Mom got her Brown Box Urn, there was a very noticeable Black Spot on the brown wooden box! Mom really believes Aspen was letting Mom know, “Yes, my Ashes are in here! And I am truly okay! MOM! REMEMBER ME, Black Face with White Here and there! And oh my back was a Tweed, Brown, Beige, Black, and White!” Of Course, Aspen, we will not ever forget YOU!”Do you recall Aspen, Max? She had?a crush on you! She also really liked?another lovely brown cat who ran OTRB earlier than Aspen! We miss You Sisfurr! Love Mango! We just want you to remembee Aspen fondly Max!

Dood, I will never forget Aspen. She’s one of the friends I’m excited to see when I get to the Bridge someday. And I’m pretty sure she found Buddah and head butted him for me a few times, which makes me happy.

Buddah’s ashes are still in the box they came in, and it’s a very nice box, but the People bought this special urn…only they haven’t been able to bring themselves to move him into it. I keep trying to tell them, he’s off playing with all his friends and having a great time, but you know…people.

= = =

Dude, you sooo need to have a tardis. one that actually does that strange whirring and whooshing sound that the Dr’s does. PLUS a flashing light to show when you’re off on, or back from you’re travels!
Me, Id want a Tuxedo princess shaped one (like me, obviously!) with a persistant meow and paw moving to greet my fans. A bit like the waving cats that greet you in Chinese homes, only way ay smarter and better
Anyways. What are your thoughts on the new cat in Star Trek? Hit or a miss? Me, I think a hit, but think they could do with more but definitely not more with funny appendages as that would just be wrong and encourage folk to try to dress up their poor, non space travelling, alien moggy cat!

Purrs till next week!

I totally dig the new cat in Discovery! AND SHE’S A QUEEN, BOOK SAID SO! I think there’s more to her than being a cat and I hope we get to find out soon.

That’s one of my favorite shows aside from Doctor Who. That and the Baby Yoda show. I know it started again but we haven’t tuned in yet because who know why other than, you know…people.

= = =

Report, my man. How are we?

Today was a quiet day, and yesterday was kinda quiet, too. I ate a bit yesterday but today I haven’t wanted much. It’s also the day before I get my appetite meds, so it’s not totally unexpected. Try telling that to the Woman, though. She keeps opening cans hoping something fresh will make me want something, but I’m not feeling it today.

On the plus side, the Man grilled a steak for me tonight thinking that would make me want to eat, and I ate about half of what they gave me and I’ll finish the rest later.

I had a couple of really good naps, which made the Woman happy. She says she likes seeing that I’m sleeping soundly and comfortably, despite feeling like she needs to stand in the doorway to make sure I’m breathing. I keep trying to tell her that she doesn’t need to do that, just see that I’m sleeping and come back later, but, you know…people.

= = =

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  1. Hi, Max!
    Well it looks like the world is a little bit saner now that the elections have finished and they seem to have hope for a vaccine for the covid thing. What will you all be doing once the sanctions on travel and generally enjoying oneself have been lifted? OK, so us cats dont usually get to go anywhere, leastways anywhere fun, but maybe your humans will and tell you. Here, I think Mrs H will be off to buy a pizza from and actual human in a pizza shop rather than a frozen food cabinet, MOL

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