At the Movies with Maobert Ebert

at the movies with maobert ebert - mousebreath's meowvelous ipad movies

Hey evrybuddy, it’s Maobert Ebert heer with my weekly selekshun of whut to watch on yer iPad.

Sinse I can only watch mooveys on the iPad for a haff hour evry nite, my selekshun is limited, but I fownd a reely good wun I think yoo’ll like.

Now, don’t let the fakt that it stars a bunch of stoopid dawgs deter yoo frum watching it.

I’ve bin on a role, watching a bunch of dawg ajility mooveys. Yoo just cannot beeleeve the extent that stoopid dawgs will go to to git treets. My frend Titus is an eksepshun. He won’t do nuthin for treets cuz he noze that bein’ cute and having frootbat ears will git him all the treets he could ever dreem of.

Not theeze dawgs. Thare runnin arownd, scrapin’ thare boy bits on reely high jumps that they don’t qwite make, runnin around like a bunch of chikkins with thare heds cut off. It’s vary amyoozing.

Me, all I have to do is a high five once in a wile fur sum treets, but I know the man will give me all the treets I wunt without havin’ to do stoopid triks. Dawgs — thare just not that smart.

But thare’s a lot of akshun in this moovey and I think yoo’ll like it. Espeshully the parts ware the stoopid dawgs skrew up.

5 thoughts on “At the Movies with Maobert Ebert

  1. What are those dawgs doing?! Are they crazy? All that running around? You’re right, Mao. Just wiggle the froot bats a little bit and look pathetic and you get all the treats you want. Well, sometimes. Because The Mom has been sucking in the treat department lately, but I’m thinking that trash talking her on the innernets will shame her into some treatage.

  2. oooh, we doesn’t has an iPAWD. Our mommy’s too stingy an’ stuff. But if we did we’d sure like to review movies too! Far far better to WATCH a woofie run than to do so ourselves!

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