Forget Bloomberg. Bodega Cats Rool NYC

Bodega Cat in New York City

Move over, Mr Bloomberg. It’s hardly a secret that cats ROOL New York City. I meen c’mon it is OUR TOWN! Our contribyooshuns to New York’s commerce is finely being rekugnized, ferst by the Noo York Times, and secund, by an insiteful dokumentary (shone below) of the Bodega Cat lifecycle, inclooding a look at Bodega kittens who are never far frum Mother’s Milk:

Bodega Kittens love Mother's Milk

It hasn’t bin easy. Pollitishuns have tride to thwart us by making laws aginst letting us live in food places. But we skoff at thare laws, and our hipnotic powers and our mad skills in mind command have enabled us to continue running Noo York frum its colorful storefrunts.

You can tell that Bodega Cats have finely arrived cuz they have their own Bodega Cats Flickr groop. Hop on over to Flickr to see more of these plucky pussycats.

Bodega Cats Rule New York City

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