Brexit Pales Next to Cat Fights on Downing St.


It’s Tuxie vs. Tabby on London’s  Downing St. as Larry–the cat who runs the UK–protects  the sanctity of the Prime Minister’s office from Palmerston, the tuxie who runs the Foreign Office down the street.

An earlier kerfuffle left Larry with a hurty paw, but he got Palmerston back, getting a swath of fur from between the black cat’s shoulders.

Palmerston has been putting the moves on Larry’s turf, hanging out at the doorstep to #10 Downing St. He took it a step further on the 26th, sneaking into the Prime Minister’s residence before being evicted by the doorman.


People have been picking sides, tweeting their preferred cat with the hashtag #teamlarry or #teampalmerston. Who’s team are you on?


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