Cape Cod Cat Back Home–7 Years Later

When Rebecca Collins West got the call that Tigger, her cat who had gone missing seven years earlier, had been located via a microchip, she was over the moon. “I look at my husband and I say, ‘I told you so!’ We listened to the message three times to make sure it was true,” she said. They almost immediately jumped in the car and went to retrieve him.

The Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal (MSPCA)¬† in Cape Cod scanned Tigger’s microchip on intake when he arrived in their shelter on July 31.¬†Finding a number listed for the chip, they called the cat’s owner.

An animal control officer from Mashpee had dropped the cat off at the shelter. Tigger had been rescued – along with other animals – from a home in the area where the owner had to be moved to a treatment center.

It is unknown how long Tigger had been living at the Mashpee home or what he had been doing prior.

All parties were thrilled to be reunited. West explained, “He absolutely recognized me. He wouldn’t eat or drink at the shelter, but, as soon as I got him home, he just dove right in. We always called him our little dog anyway. He’s just the sweetest thing.”



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