Cat Blogging Icon Turns 8

Daisy the Curly Cat - Happy Birthday

I don’t think thare’s a cat blogger alive who duzn’t know who Daisy the Curly Cat is. But in case you were just borned, or maybe living without the interwebs, Daisy is the most famousest and the most talented and ambishess cat you’ll ever meet.

She was borned 8 yeers ago today and she wint to live with a famly that had a big sister for her named Pixie. Pixie loved bananers. Pixie wint to The Bridge and then Daisy got a baby bruther named Harley who now hogs her blog. That makes me kind of peevish becuz Daisy spent a lot of time making her blog good and then Harley just took it over. He photoboms her, too. Harley is rood.

Sum cats only have one career. Other cats make a career out of napping or eating Temtayshuns. Daisy has had many many careers. Sum of her careers have bin more suksessful than others. Heer is a list of just a few of her careers:

Daisy the Curly Cat’s Careers

  • Fashun Model
  • Circus Cat
  • Surjun
  • Sea Monkey Farmer
  • Purrfessional Blogger for 1800PetMeds
  • Professor
  • Pink Lady
  • Lizzerd Trainer
  • Greeting Card Model for Hallmark

Phew! That’s a lot! And I’m shur I furgot a few.

Daisy is also my speshul frend. We’ve bin going steddy sinse Valentine’s Day in 2008. That’s like a squillion yeers ago. But it seems like only yesterday that I popped the qweschun and almost wet my pants wile I wated for her to say yes!

Evry cat who’s ever blogged has been inflooenced by Daisy. Anybuddy hoo is asked, “Who’s the best cat blogger out thare?” will always anser Daisy the Curly Cat.

I am prowd to call Daisy the Curly Cat my speshul frend. Happy PURRthday, Daisy!


13 thoughts on “Cat Blogging Icon Turns 8

  1. happee birfday daisy … again an again! mi favrit wuz wen u were a surjin. it wuz verree eksitin! do u still hav yer surjin’z kit?
    i luv u daisy … azza frend. (becuz da boyfrend/girlfrend thing diden’t werk owt. jus sayin’.)

  2. Skeez, you have it right, womencats love it when you write mushy stuff about them, especially on their birthday.

  3. We met Daisy and her mom in 2007. We had been blogging for a year and getting more enmeshed with the world of cat blogging at the time.
    Happy Birthday!

  4. Oh Skeezix, your article is the very best present a cat would ever want! You made me feel so very proud and happy today. Thank you for being my special friend ::wipes away tears of happiness::

  5. Absolutley agree. Daisy is the undoubted queen of the Catbloggers.

    And she’s also the kindest by far. I am dumbfounded at how many blogs she comments on every day!

    Happy Birthday Daisy! You’re the QUEEN!

  6. Daisy iz teh bestest mowst bewtymus kitteh I knows! I haz known Daisy fur a longs longs times an I iz honored to be her furrend. Daisy iz a impressiv kitteh but I wuz amayzed at all teh things in your grate artikul. This iz teh nicest tribyoot I haz red so thanks you furry muches. An you iz luckee to be gowing steddy wiv Daisy!

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