Cat Town Cat Café – First in U.S. – is Saving Cats’ Lives

cat cafe in oakland ca

Let’s start off with the news that Fiona, the cat in the featured image for this post, was adopted and taken to her new home in Davis, CA today. Yay, Fiona!

cat cafe - oakland

On Friday, two of my favorite cat ladies — Susie and Kiera — treated me to a visit at the Cat Town Cat Café in Oakland, CA. It is the first permanent (non pop-up) cat café in the U.S., and it provides an excellent model for other shelters and rescues considering stepping in to the Cat Café fray.


Susie and Kiera’s cats, Kimo and Sabi, came along in fine flat form. They especially enjoyed the view from the Tribune Tower (an Oakland landmark).

cat-cafe-6The space has been lovingly catified, with connected towers and lots of hidey holes. There’s a “quiet room” where shy cats can chill.

The cheery space has bright storefront lighting and a brilliant mural on the west wall. A couple of cat sitters are on hand to answer questions and tend to each cat’s needs. It’s kid-friendly, too, acknowledging that instilling a love of and respect for cats early on can reap a lifetime of rewards.

One of the highlights of our visit was meeting Adam Myatt, the  Cat Man of West Oakland and Hoodcats photographer, whose collaboration with Cat Town’s Ann Dunn made the café a reality. On Cat Town’s Facebook page, Adam started a campaign to get followers to send cat t-shirts to him. I sent him a Skeezix shirt which he wore proudly. His goal was a month of shirts (30), but received nearly twice that number. (Skeezy shirt is second row from the bottom, third shirt from the end.)


The response to adopting Cat Town kittehs has been similarly successful, far exceeding expectations. (Since Friday, the number has risen to 97.)


The Cat Town rescue works in close collaboration with Oakland Animal Services to take in the cats who are least likely to be adopted there because they are unable to handle the stress of the shelter environment, or because they are older and less adoptable. Cat Town focuses on semi-feral kittens, older cats, and cats who are extremely stressed, shy or undersocialized.

cat cafe cupcake saturdaysThe café serves many purposes. In addition to providing killer cups o’ joe, bagels and treats (check out their cupcake Saturdays!), it provides an upbeat environment where potential adopters can meet their future furry family members. It assists in the socialization process, and it’s a fun place for locals to meet whether or not you have adoption in mind. (Believe me – spend 5 minutes here and you will have adoption in mind.)

The Cat Town Café is open Wednesday through Sunday, 8 am to 7 pm, with the Cat Zone open 10 am to 7 pm. They’re at 2869 Broadway (cross street: 28th), Oakland, CA. Ample metered street parking is available. Follow them on Facebook for the latest news and adoptions!


PS: The requisite Oakland protesters were in force on Broadway:





If you live in Southern California, a cat café opened in San Diego recently. Yes, it’s on my “must visit” list. Good thing that won’t be for a while, because I would certainly have needed to adopt Wexler (that face!):

wexler san diego cat cafe

…. and Wexler’s brother, who appears to be Tripper’s “Thin Twin”:

trippers thin twin at san diego cat cafe

The San Diego Cat Cafe is at 472 Third Ave in San Diego, California (619) 786-2289. Follow ’em on Facebook.

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