Fashion Show Friday: The Preppy Look

Skeezix models a pink seersucker shirt from American Digs

Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix here.

Today, I’m modelling my new favorite shirt. It is a sporty pink seersucker shirt frum American Digs.

Now I know whut yer thinking. NOBUDDY wares seersucker or wite shoes after Laber Day, rite? Well, you’d be rong. Cuz being a Feline Fashionista meens braking the rools sumtimes. And this is such a byootiful shert, it wood be a crime not to ware it year-round.

There is an amazing attention to detale in this shert:

  • Casual, wrinkled texture offers improved air circulation
  • Practical Velcro closure is concealed by faux buttons
  • Lightweight fabric makes it a perfect choice for spring through fall
  • 100% American-made

It’s eezy to put on — no sqweezing thru the hed holes or anything like that cuz it has a hidden velcro panel. And you don’t have to fiddle with rolling yer sleeves up just so, cuz a button tab keeps them at the purrfect length.

AND, it has the all-important harness hole so you can go walking in yer nayberhood and show off this pretty shert from American Digs:

Skeezix models a pink seersucker shirt from American Digs

You can use aksesseries to put together many different looks. I like waring it with a cravat (that’s a man-scarf) with the collar ternd up and a sporty straw boater hat. I feel like The Grate Gatsby or Ralf Lauren! Only not as rich.

Skeezix models a pink seersucker shirt

American Digs offers this shirt in a ranebow of different colors. So yer shur to find yer favorite color!

American Digs Seersucker Shirt

American Digs is my new go-to spot for sporty clothes. They also sell swetters, senior dating in central florida, and lesbian speed dating london, too!


DISCLAIMER: American Digs provided this shirt free of charge for me to review with no expectation of a good report. All opinyuns are my own.

11 thoughts on “Fashion Show Friday: The Preppy Look

  1. lookin good dood !! if we weared clothes we wood most shirley wear a shirt in green…how ewe haz been ?? !!

  2. Dood, you need to go to the next booby walk and show those wimmens how to dress for it, seeing as how you totally rock the pink, and some of them? They wear spandex…

  3. Oh,Skeezix,you look SO debonner. Bummer it duzn’t come in XXL dog sizes. Our res-Q greyhound wood luk smashing in da purple one!

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