Cat Drag Racers Vie at Catnip Raceway

Drag racing cats at catnip raceway
Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix heer.

You all know how I love to drive, forward with ford - skeezix drag races at ford test trackand what a good driver I am. Who can furget win I drove to Bakersfeeld or win I dragraced on the Ford Test track in Deerborn Mishygin?

I spend a lot of time obzerving other racers in order to improove my tekneek. That’s why this week I’ve bin watching the cat drag racers frum Catnip Raceway, and the now-lejendary matchup beetween Simba and Gizmo.

Watching this race still gives me goosepimples. That’s how you can tell it was a good race. Bad races don’t give you goosepimples. Good races are the kind you can watch over and over and over agin. And this one is chok full of good racing tips like keeping yer klaws short cuz sliks are best for drag racing.

My gole is to be such a top notch cat drag racer that one day I will git to race at Cat Nip Raceway. Are any of you cat drag racers in training??

If you’re in a reader, just click the title to watch the exciting movie.

3 thoughts on “Cat Drag Racers Vie at Catnip Raceway

  1. Oh, I needed that laugh today. Thanks for posting such a hilarious video. Hope they got lots of food for the food drive. Meow 🙂

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