Cat Fashion — a Look Back at Old Timey Feline Fashionistas

Old timey cat fashion

Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix heer.

Sum peeple think the Cat fashion fenomenon has surfaced only reesintly, but I can tell you, cats have bin dressing up for many many yeers. Even sinse before my Food Lady was borned.

Like this hansum fellow.

This kyoot owtfit demunstrates how slimming vertikal stripes can be. He looks as skinny as Leann Rimes, but he’s akshully got a pretty good furchin going.

Like all fashionistas of the time, he is waring a hard detachible collar and cruvatte. This makes is eazier for after the pikcher is taken — you can just rip off the uncumfterble collar and tie and play the red dot game in cumfert.

And let’s not furgit the fansy top hat that cumpleets the look. Vary dashing, don’t you think????

old fashioned feline fashionista

6 thoughts on “Cat Fashion — a Look Back at Old Timey Feline Fashionistas

  1. I have a complete set of these Rotograph postcards. Some amazing outfits. The photos were done by Harry Whittier Frees in the early 1900’s. His mother made all the costumes for the cats. He published a book in 1915, entitled “The Little Folks of Animal Land”. Very limited edition which I found at the San Francisco Antiquarian Book Fair. Definitely worth seeking out. Skeezix, he would have loved to see you in your outfits! Finn says hi and Happy New Year!

  2. Skeezix, yer an iddyut. They didn’t have the red dot game before the Food Lady was borned. Pleeze check yer faks beefore yoo make a stoopid iddyut of yerself on the innerwebs.

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