Fashion Show Friday: 10 Patriotic Looks for July 4th!

Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix heer, with a roundup of 2011’s Top Looks for Patriotic Pussycats! Just click on any image for purchase information!

This first one is my favorite. It has a squillion sequins on it that make it glitter like the milky way. And more stars on top. Any cat should be prowd to ware this stylish owtfit:

Sequined vegas 4th of july pet vest glittery with bling



This next dress isn’t as blingy but it is vary vary kyoot. It kinda has an old timey vibe to it. And those vertikal stripes can be VARY slimming! (My big bruther Mao sed Chey shood buy this one.)

Stars and Stripes Patriotic 4th July cat dress



Here’s a hand-felted hat in brite bloo with a red and a wite star on it. Elasty bands help keep in on yer hed!

Cat wearing a 4th of July hat



If yoo’d rather SEE firewerks than HEAR them, this festive tee mite be for you. It’s fun firewerks deezine is timeless! I think this wood be a purrfect owtfit for!

dating app tinder


Springsteen fans will love waring this comfy Calvin Collar! Some of the proseeds are donayted to

dating out of your social class



Here’s a manly old timey vest owtfit wich coordinates good with owtfit #2 above. Look at the kyoot star buttuns!

Adorable Starts and Stripes Tuxedo Vest


Bandanas can be eezier to ware than clothes for sum cats. This red and blue star bandana won’t git in yer way, but it skreems “STYLISH CAT ON BOARD!”

4th of July cat bandana



Here’s a comfy and patriotic walking harniss. If yer obsessive-cumpulsive, you’ll like the nice neet rows:

4th of July Harness vest


Here’s a spiffy vest — or is it? It’s akshully a bandana — eezier to ware, and you’ll still have 100% freedum of movement!

This bandana is an easy wear 4th of July


This collar and tie is for those of you who prefer a more formal Don Draper minnymalist look:

Patriotic collar and tie for cats and dogs


So whut are YOO waring for the 4th of July, kittehs?????

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