My Cat from Hell Marathon Starts…. NOW!

My cat from hell with jackson galaxy marathon today

If you’re new to the miracle that is My Cat from Hell with Jackson Galaxy on Animal Planet, you’re in for a treat. Today, Animal Planet is running a Cat from Hell Marathon — you can veg out with 8 hellish episodes!

My Cat from Hell features cats with seemingly intractable behavior problems. In most cases, the problems are more with the guardians than the cats, so there’s a little life coaching thrown in as well. You’ll see cats you’ll swear are irredeemable tranformed into well-trained loving pets. Each episode is an epiphany.

Watch My Cat from Hell on Animal Planet

So, check your local listings for the exact time and channel for the marathon which ends with tonight’s new episode. Join the twitter fun with hashtag #mycatfromhell, and follow JG on FB!


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