Cat Litter Facials: They’re Not Just for Snooki

kitty litter facial maskAt your next Crazy Cat Lady Slumber Pawty, how about Cat Litter Facials?

Snooki, that abomination of popular “culture,” has touted the benefits of Cat Litter facials to anyone who’ll listen. And it turns out that her “cheapo” version contains exactly the same material — natural clay — as spa facials. Who knew?

You’ll need to use “100% Natural Clay” kitty litter (I should not have to stipulate this, but I will: this should be new, unsoiled litter) — select a “fragrance free” formulation. Add a couple of tablespoons of litter to a small bowl. Break up any clumps as you go.

Add some warm distilled water (it can be on the hot side, since it cools quickly), a tablespoon at a time.

Then add a few drops of an essential oil (Michael’s is a good source, or you can order online). If your goal is relaxation, lavender, chamomile, bergamot, sandalwood and mandarin are commonly used to reduce stress and induce sleep. Don’t add so much oil that you reek — just enough to get the essence.

Got oily skin? Squeeze the juice from a fresh lemon into the facial mixture.

Wash your face with ward water and pat dry (a facial steamer is nice to use before you apply the mask).

Apply the mask evenly over your neck and face. Place cucumber slices over your eyes. Put on some soothing new-agey spacey tinkles music and chill for about 15 minutes. Then softly rinse the mask from your face with cold water. Slather on you fave moisturizer and you’re done!

Ha! I can’t believe I actually got you to give yourself a Snooki-special Cat Litter facial!!!!

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  1. I will add though, that urine is supposed to have healing properties–but I believe it is your own urine and not your cats, so if it is used litter, it should be used by YOU.

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