Cat Passes College Entrance Exam

totoro the cat passes his college entrance exam

Well, as you all know, I’ve often been thwartid in my attempts to go to skool on the short bus. I have gottin to gest-teech at Jeter Harrises mom’s skool on da grate Lon Guyland…

skeezix at commack school on long island

… and DMM’s mom pulled sum strings to git a pikcher of me on the short bus:

skeezix on the short bus

But it has bin a struggle.

So I think I need to raze my ambishuns and just go strate to collidge.

I got this thot becuz Totoro the Cat just past his entrinse exam at Ekerd Collidge in St Petersberg Florida. Totoro is a Mane Coon, and the skool lets stoodints have pets if they are rejisterd and pass a helth skreening. No werd on wither they have to pass a spellin’ test, too.

So kittehs, line up to attend da grate Ekerd Collidge in Florida! Knowlidge is power, and it’s the ferst step toward werld domination!

4 thoughts on “Cat Passes College Entrance Exam

  1. Dood, you know, there’s a college in Suisun and it’s like a starter college, and they’ll let just about anyone go there. I mean, they let the Woman take classes about 10 years ago. I think they’ve raised there standards since then, but surely you would still get in. You can take lots of classes there, even PE! That’s a class where you could show all the ladies your tight, taut muscles!

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