Cat Scarves or Art? You Decide.

I love brilliant, saturated color. I love cats. And since I have a metal allergy, my fashion accessory of choice is a scarf. So naturally, I fell in love with these hand-painted silk scarves! They come in various generous sizes and generally run from $33-$44 each.

The artist is Alice Rodionova, who’s from Saint Petersburg, Russia. She graduated from the Art and Industry Academy of Baron Stieglitz and majored in textile design. She creates gorgeous shawls, scarves and stoles.

She uses special silk dyes that are fixed with hot steam, then rinsed. The end product is washable in warm water and shampoo.

You like????

CLICK HERE to go to her Etsy shop.

3 thoughts on “Cat Scarves or Art? You Decide.

  1. Oh my is this a pretty scarf! I have to say they’re both cat scarves and art. Wearable art, that’s for sure!

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