Mr Wifflesworth Takes the Year’s Top Prize

Cat Fancier Magazine, the leading newsweekly for cat owners, released its annual list of top 2020 news stories, with “Kitten Stuck in Tree” taking the top seven honors.

“While 2020 was a year of great upheaval in the realms of politics, the environment and social justice, we felt that stories of kittens stuck in trees outweighed climate change and terrorism in terms of human interest and newsworthiness,” said Editor-in-Chief Carmella Hewlett. “Mr. Wifflesworth agrees, dudn’t he?” she adds as she scratches her ten-year-old, fourteen-pound orange tabby under the chin.

In eighth place was “Kitten Rescued From Storm Drain,” followed by “Lost Kitten Returned to Owner” and “Biden Elected President.” In response to critics who found the list too heavily oriented towards kittens in peril, Hewlett blamed demographics and the changing market for special interest magazines. “I plead guilty to that one–our readers just find stories about kittens to be more appealing, and we’re a business.” she noted.

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