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Are you a cat?  Do you blog or have your own social media?  Are you a Cat Scout?  Do you snoopervise your human who fosters cats, volunteers at a shelter,, makes cat crafts, paints or writes , or does photography, or …?   Would you and your feline siblings like to be featured in an interview on Mousebreath?

Cat Chats

Tell us what makes you Mousebreath material.  (You’re a cat, of course you’re Mousebreath material!) Email us at jansfunnyfarm AT Gmail DOT com for more information.  Or visit Jan’s Funny Farm and leave a comment in our comment form.

2 thoughts on “Cats, Chats and More Cats

  1. I am Scout Mango, remember me, I am Scout Aspen’sSisfurr, Scout Mango! We all love you Funny Farmer FeeLions! Roar!
    I am thinking, thinking about how a bird was walking on the roof, or first, sitting in our neighbors tree, then purrhaps the bird needed gravel, as birds have a gizzard that needs gravel to work right! Well this yellowish green& black speckled bird fell through this weird time warp hole in the roof, suddenly this bird was in an apartment with 4 CATS! We were excited! The bird, that half-fell, half-flew down a hole similar to Alice’s Rabbit Hole! Suddenly, on a roof, eating gravel, then whams, Cats! Our Mom got a small towel, got a chair, and rescued the bird who kept trying to fly through the top of the window! Moms rescued the real live wild bird and put it outside to fly away! Our exciting story! It happened after our Funny Farmer interview!

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