Can You See the Green Tier, Yet?

Is it too good to be true? Is the worst of the pandemic behind us?

As vaccinations roll out, we warily embrace the hope that we’re over the hump. In our house we’ve adhered to extremely conservative quarantine measures this year, so although we’ve been lucky not to have to deal with juggling home-schooling with working from home and keeping cat butts out of Zoom meetings, it hasn’t been a walk in the park. In fact, we’re completely avoided walking in the park.

But it’s been a pretty sweet ride for our cats. My bro-in-law moved in with us after a breakup with his covid-denier fiance, and he has worked hard to buy the affection of Banzai, Homer, and Reno by giving them treats. He stuffs them like three no-so-little piƱatas every day. As do I. He moved in with his Steinway grand piano, or as the cats prefer to refer to it: Fort Steinway. With James Bond movie chases running through their minds, they give the Steinway a workout.

We work at home anyway, but biz is slow for hubby, so he’s been able to lavish more attention on the cats.

So the pandemic has


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