Crazy Cat Lady Icon Katy Perry Hires a Cat Whisperer

Katy Perry and cat Kitty PurryKaty Perry, who relishes her role as a crazy cat lady, recently hired a Cat Whisperer to keep her cats in line while she’s on tour.

Perry had some difficulties when merging households with cat guy husband Charles Manson Russell Brand. Her cat, Kitty Purry, and Brand’s cat, Morrissey, didn’t exactly hit it off.

Cat Guy Russell Brand snuggles his beloved tuxie cat, Morrissey
Cat Guy Russell Brand snuggles his beloved tuxie cat, Morrissey

Like many cat owners in similar situations, they tried pheremone therapy.

“You drug them with this plug-in thing that releases pheromones, and it gets into their brains!” Brand said of the pet shop product, similar to Feliway, a synthetic version of the feline facial pheromone that helps reduce stress in cats. “It’s not like it’s illegal, and we just invented it! It makes the cats love each other more.”

The cats may be getting along better thanks to the pheromones, but it’s having a different effect on funnyman Brand. With his eyes wide, he said that the plug-in is “making me freak out! Last night, I was scratching the furniture, it’s driving me crazy!”

People Pets

Krusty, Katy Perry and Russell Brand's Cute tabby kitten

The pheromones helped, but when they added a new cat — Krusty (in photo above) — to the household, the bad behavior escalated. A Cat Whisperer seemed the only solution.

Perry told Us Weekly, “We hired a cat whisperer! He realigned their chakras and did some hypnosis. We were like, ‘Wow, this is extravagant!'”

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7 thoughts on “Crazy Cat Lady Icon Katy Perry Hires a Cat Whisperer

  1. Ha we all though of Jackson Galaxy (even though I can’t find his show now…tsk…) The Woman says we need a cat whisperer. I think we just need a new house in the back yard just for Buddah…

  2. Mom thinks Russell Brand is unattractive, but WAY sexy! She also thought that cat expert Galaxy would solve the Perry-Brand household’s problem better than a bogus whisperer!

  3. Misaligned chakras are almost always the source of these problems. Um, okay… but hey, if they think it worked, then it was money well spent. And we’re glad that 3 more cats have a home where they are loved and properly spoiled!

  4. Sparkle, I thot of Jackson Galaxy the minit I herd about Kitty Purry, Krusty and Morrissey’s problims. He wood cure all the problims rite away!

  5. Cat whisperer, feh! Those two should hire Jackson Galaxy. BTW, my human thinks Russell Brand is hot. But then, if you saw her boyfriend, you would understand. (Unfortunately, my human does NOT look like Katy Perry.)

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