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We have some new friends with us today, Cheshire, Karma and Nutmeg from the blog  They have quite an interesting background and varied interests, so relax on a comfortable chair and make yourself at home.

Cheshire Karma Meg_rszd

Funny Farmer Felines: Would you introduce yourselves and your mom to everyone?

Cheshire: I’m Cheshire Kitten AKA CK, and this is my blog. I let my human, Robin, help me and even speak for herself at times. She had a blog of her own, but I have always been much more popular, so she needs to focus on helping me. I turned 5 in May – we celebrate my birthday on Cinco de Mayo – but there was a time when Robin thought I wouldn’t make it even to the age of three.

Karma and Nutmeg are two of my sisfurs. Karma was 1 when I came to live here. We used to play a lot when I was little, before I got sick. She always won. Actually, she still wins all the play fights, but we don’t play together anymore. Karma plays a lot with Nutmeggy.

Nutmeg: Hi! I’m NUTMEG!!!! I am the most beautiful kitten on EARTH. I LOVE Cheshire AND Karma! I LOVE all my kitty brofurs and sisfurs! I am a TORBIE! Torbies are the best!

Funny Farmer Felines: The blog is Cheshire Loves Karma, so we assume Cheshire is the “star” of the blog?  We understand you cats joined the blogging and Twitter communities a few years ago and then you almost lost Cheshire?

Karma: I used to be able to chase Cheshire and beat him up, but now he just stares at me. He claims to love me in the title of his blog, so really I should be the star. Don’t you think?

Cheshire: When I had fungal pneumonia and had to take medicine every day for more than a year, I was too weak to play with Karma or Nutmeg.. Our veterinarian correctly diagnosed me because he loves to do research. I started blogging and joined Twitter in 2009 so I could tell people about my book, “Please, Send Money, by Cheshire Kitten.” I found lots of nice pals on Twitter right away. We all help to raise funds for animal rescue organizations.

Nutmeg: I’m the star. Of everything!

Funny Farmer Felines:  You kitties have such a variety of interests.  Tell us a little about them.

Cheshire:  Both Meggy and I are active in #nipclub. I have attended and served at almost every monthly fundraising pasty since the very first PawPawty in March 2009. I have written a lot of news for The Anipal Times and I’m a founding member of that group as well.

Nutmeg: Mom is interested in ME! She says I’m the MOST beautiful Torbie!

Karma: Meggy, that’s right, the most beautiful torbie, but I’M the most beautiful kitty of ALL.

Cheshire: We like to help animal rescue in general. All of us showing up here got our human into practicing Trap Neuter Release before she even knew what she was doing. She just called it, “taking care of Garden Kitties.” She likes to write and draw. I help her sell her artwork and writing, and she lets me give some of her work away to help raise money for various animal causes. We were very interested in helping in disasters a few years ago and held auctions on my blog. We haven’t had an auction in some time now. Maybe we should.

Nutmeg: Yes! Everyone will buy pictures of ME!

Karma: I would be happy to share my paintings to raise money to help other kitties! Tell them to check out my paintings on your ARtfire story Chez CheshireK!

Cheshire: My store is here for now:

Funny Farmer Felines:  How did the term “cuddle family” originate.

Cheshire: I put a lot of emphasis on cuddle pictures on my blog because cuddling is one of my life’s biggest achievements. I started out as a feral kitten, no human touching allowed. When we got the diagnosis of fungal pneumonia at the vet’s, I let Robin hold me, but other than that she was only allowed to touch my tail. Being sick was stressful, and I just couldn’t hold up to the way Karma plays.

Nutmeggy was just a kitten and she became my best friend. I even let her hang out with me when I moved up into the rafters. Robin finally got me down from there and gave me my own suite downstairs. I had everything I needed to pull myself back together. Once I felt secure again, I started asking for human affection. Robin says I decided that lapsitting was the best thing since packaged kibble. She texted pictures of me cuddling every day to her friends, and I finally decided to publish those pics on my blog, usually with a little story about what’s going on at our house.

Funny Farmer Felines:  Your mom was a presenter at BlogPaws 2013. You must be pretty proud of her.

Cheshire: Robin’s a journalism professor when she’s not working for me, and I decided to share her expertise with other bloggers by sending her to BlogPaws. If you want to learn about what makes for solid evidence for blog posts, Robin’s the human to ask. She has been helping me compile links to really solid Web sources, too, and I decided to share those right on my blog. Robin is too good a resource to keep all for myself.

Nutmeg: Mom was GONE and she TALKED to people, mostly humans. She brought TREATS home with her!

Karma: I heard that our human’s presentation was well received. Thank goodness! We have a reputation to maintain.

Funny Farmer Felines:  We already mentioned you published a book, Cheshire., and we understand your mom has started a magazine?

Nutmeg: The first issue of the magazine, “Buddies,” is in production RIGHT NOW. The magazine will have LOTS of pictures of KITTIES and DOGS! Mom says she and her students want to explore and promote the human-animal bond in the magazine. Cheshie will have a link to the print-on-demand site when the first issue is finished.

Funny Farmer Felines:  How did you 3 come to live together?

Karma: I started it. I showed up one day in August 6 years ago. The next summer, on June 3 exactly, Cheshire started shouting underneath our house. He was a tiny, orange fluff ball. A really LOUD fluff ball. He found a hole and climbed in the garage to eat. While he was Under-the-House kitten, we had a fire in our house. We were all OK. Our human was SO RELIEVED when Cheshire showed up again..

Nutmeg: Somebody DUMPED me in Mom’s yard! She knows because they had an animal communicator talk to me! Upstairs Human thought I might be sick because I eat a lot. I TOLD her I just love to eat, but she had Mom take me to the vet, who tested me for FIP, even! He said to mom, “Robin, that cat is just fat.” UH wasn’t satisfied and took me to ANOTHER vet. He said I was fat. UH still wasn’t satisfied, even after two opinions that I’m fat.

I told the animal communicator that I LOVE FOOD! I promised that I would never be the sort of kitty whose tummy dragged on the floor. I just LOVE to eat! My tummy is round and BEAUTIFUL!

Funny Farmer Felines: Do you have any special plans for the future of your blog?

Cheshire: We want to develop the resources for reporting on pets that are in our pages section. There’s a lot of great websites that Robin and I hope bloggers will refer to when they are writing about pets.

We are also interested in training. We have a lot more readers on the days that our posts feature training, so our readers are also excited about this topic. Also, we want to let Robin talk more about what she is learning and doing.

Funny Farmer Felines: What do you like and dislike about blogging?

Cheshire: I like having a community of pals who understand the joys of cuddling. It’s hard to keep my human motivated to post all the time.

Nutmeg: I have FANS! What’s not to like about that?

Karma: Blogging keeps Cheshire and Nutmeg busy and leaves more lizards for me. Also, I can sneak up behind them and win the play fights.

Funny Farmer Felines: You have been blogging since March 2009.  What advice would you give to anyone just starting a blog?

Cheshire: Kitties need to have good control of their humans to pull off a successful blog. Have the humans connect with BlogPaws. Check the evidence for all assertions. Refer readers to the vet for health concerns.

Nutmeg: Have FUN! Be CUTE although no one is as cute as I am.

Karma: Let your fursibs and humans do all the work.

Funny Farmer Felines:  We understand Karma is above tweething, but you can follow Cheshire and Nutmeg on Twitter – @CheshireK and @NutmegTorby.

And you can visit them on the blog.  Don’t worry, Cheshire dpes love Nutmeg too. She is his best friend and helps him blog sometimes.


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  1. Although I’m not familiar with their blog, I certainly know Chesire and Nutmeg on Twitter! Thanks for the awesome interview!

  2. We LOVE your new header! It’s cat-tabulous. 🙂

    And such a wonderful interview. We don’t know these kitties, but they sound like lots of fun. We’ll go and meet them!

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