Children’s Pet Poetry Contest Offers Big Prizes for Pets & Kids

Taylor Bentel a pets add life poetry contest winner

A Children’s Pet Poetry Contest sponsored by Pets Add Life is offering big prizes to winning kids including a $250 gift card and a $1000 classroom scholarship. This is the 4th year for the pawpular contest.

It’s easy to enter. Just write a poem about pets. It can be long or short, funny or sweet, rhyme-y or not. Then, either post it on the Pets Add Life website, or mail to Pets Add Life (Pets Add Life 661 Sierra Rose Dr. Reno, NV 89511) with the submission form.

Prizes in the Pets Add Life Children’s Pet Poetry Contest:

Six winners, one per grade level (in grades 3rd-8th) will win:

  • A “by-line” in a nationally circulated magazine,
  • A $250 gift card for pet products, and a
  • $1,000 scholarship for your classroom for pet-related education!

Submission Deadline

Get your poems in before January 31, 2012 at 5:00pm EST.

Previous Winning Pet Poems

Sydney is a pets add life childrens poetry contest winner

Lovable Kitties
By Sydney of Modesto, CA
One cat, two cat, three cat, four
All were chasing a ball of yarn on the floor.
First, we rescued Snowy and then there was Twitch
Then we found Rose and Taz in a ditch.
Mom said rescuing one would be okay,
But the lady at the shelter said it was a two for one special that day.
A house with four kids and four cats,
A crazy combination that could give our parents heart attacks.
One child, two child, three child, four
Loving their kitties more than the day before.


appa childrens poetry contest winner in 2010

I Wonder
By Amanda of Bowie, MD

I miss my pets while at school, oh yes!
In the world, I vote that they are the best!
But I wonder what my pets do at home.
I wonder if Cindy is chewing her bone…
And what will the cats do today
While my family is all away?

(Cindy’s part)

Oh, I wish that my owner would come right away.
I watched her disappear on the bus today.
I don’t know what she does at school.
All I can do is sit and drool.
I miss Amanda and hope that soon
I will bark a happier tune!
The cats are being total pains.
I wish they could be put out in the rain…

(Figaro and Carmen’s part)

Our owner is gone, hip hip hooray!
Imagine all the things we can do today!
Rip up the sofa, claw up the chairs,
And chase each other up and down the stairs!
We think that the dog is a total sap,
When Amanda comes home, we’ll fake a nap!
Then she will think that the dog was bad,
And with us she will not be mad!

(Amanda again)

I am back home at last, yippee!
My pets are here to greet me.
Hey, what’s that mess over there?
Did you two cats claw up that chair?
It’s okay, Cindy! I know you’re good.
It’s Figaro and Carmen who don’t do what they should!
Still, I love my pets because they add,
To my life so much more happy than sad!

For complete rules and submission guidelines, go to the 4th Annual Pets Add Life
Children’s Pet Poetry Contest


This is a paid post sponsored by the American Pet Products Association. All opinions are our own. Mousebreath heartily supports the Pets Add Life campaign, and hopes you will, too.

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