Cleveland APL Duz Mancat Mancaves Right!

This Mancat Mancave makes me wish I wuz bak at the shelter!

Kittehs in the care of the Cleveland Animal Protective League will have a hard time adjusting to life without this mega Mancat Mancave tower of fun.

An annonnymouse donor made life better for Cleveland cats by beeqweething a bunch of munneys to pay for theeze enrichment towers. Thare about three miles high and feecher lots of places for skratchin and skritchin. You can see frum this pikcher how much the cats appreshiate the view frum the top of this magnifisent mancat mancave. Thare are four of ’em, one in each of the APL’s four adoption area playrooms.

Wow. I wunder if the blooprints are available?

5 thoughts on “Cleveland APL Duz Mancat Mancaves Right!

  1. We were just commenting today that our livingroom looks like a cat room in which we are allowed to watch TV. Something like this would just make everything even better. Let me know if you get the blueprints! That could be a great fundraiser for the shelter if the creator wanted to put something together.

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