Concatulations, Skeezix!

skeezix the cat, wendy diamond and hope diamond at blogpaws nose-to-nose pet blogging and sociial media awards ceremony

Mousebreath would like to extend warm concatulations to staff member Skeezix the Cat, who won the Best Blog Design Award at BlogPaws’ Nose-to-Nose pet blogging and social media awards which took place tonight in Salt Lake City, UT.

Skeezix told Mousebreath, “I owe it all to Chey’s mom, who gave me a good luck kiss before I took my seat with the finalists. The Food Lady told me to praktiss my “it’s an honor just to be nominated speech” instead of an acceptance speech so it was kind of embarrassing when she hogged the microphone and sounded like a babbling loon.”

Skeezix’s blog is at

11 thoughts on “Concatulations, Skeezix!

  1. Skeez, you don’t call your Food Lady a babbling loon if you want her to remain your Food Lady. She just might trade you for Chey.

    But congratulations on your win.

    1. I don’t think you have to werry about me gitting traded for Chey, Miss Jan. If anybuddy gits traded for Chey, it’ll be Mao.

  2. I kant imagine gitting better nooz than this today. It is an honor yoo vary much deserve. And yoo rock that red carpit too!

  3. Woo Hoo! Skeezix! We love it! We love it! And I want to know what my human was doing kissing you tho… She doesn’t kiss me. Is that allowed? I hear she was petting Coco too… I am displeased.

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