Cool Cat iPod/iPhone Zipper Cases

Mousebreath officially launches on June 1st, but you’re welcome to poke around during our testing period!

Made in Milan, these iPod cases rumble with PURRsonality!

The crafter has two cats, one small grey and one big ginger. They have one thing in common, they love to eat. This adorable zipper pouch is inspired by her ginger cat, Simba who will eat anything you need to keep safe in your bag. Purrfect for your Ipod camera or Iphone. The wool is also a great way to clean the screen of you ipod or iphone, just wiggle it around a littel and the smudges goes away.

Made of soft wool and a nylon zipper, they keep your iStuff safe without scratching. And they make good bed buddies, too! Most measure about 3.1×5.5 inches and are completely hand crafted. Only $17.50 USD.

One’s a dead ringer for Rocky the Gutter Cat, she thought herself one of his vixens,
Another’s a Princess, a calico tabby, who was missin’ some toes but has fixed ’em.
The third may not be home on Memorial Day Weekend, his name suggests he’s off racin’,
Together they’ve all been cat blogging furever, it’s catatonia they’re facin’.


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