CritterZone: The De-Stinkifier every Cat Lady MUST Own

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Would you believe me if I promised that within 12 hours your home would no longer smell like a Crazy Cat Lady’s? Would you turn your nose up at $10 off this miracle product?

With the CritterZone, visitors to your house will wonder if you’ve gotten rid of your cats. It eliminates ALL ODORS. Period. No more cat pee smells, stale litter box odors — nuthin! Even gets rid of the fish-fry smell after your Lenten Friday dinners. They should be required by law in all rest homes.


When I first heard Bill Converse, the inventor of CritterZone, interviewed on the Pets Teach Us So Much radio show, I knew I had to get one. Immediately. The hosts of the show, Robbin and Joseph Everett, had tried one and described on-air what a miracle worker it was in removing stale dog smells from their home.

As luck would have it, I got to meet Bill myself last week, and he demonstrated the science behind the 30 years of development that went into the CritterZone. Something about tornados. The details don’t matter. All you need to know is that it works quickly and quite spectacularly in removing every single stink molecule and stale air atom in your home. 

(Here are the details if you really need to know the science behind it:)

Set it and forget it

Each unit is about the size of large battery charger and covers about 800 square feet. Just plug it into the wall and let in run overnight. The next morning you’ll find your room smells fresh as a Spring meadow. After the first night, I knew we had to get units to run throughout the house.

You can also use it to remove smells on upholstery. Just sprinkle the spot with water and lay the CritterZone unit on top of it and let it run. It not only removes the odor, but removes the chemicals that make your pet want to mark and re-mark their favorite pee spots.

Hubby was dubious; Now he’s a believer

When I told hubby about the CritterZone, he thought it was just another as-seen-on-tv type of gimmick designed to separate Crazy Cat Ladies from their money.  I plugged it in to the wall in our cat’s bedroom. The room is closed off every night, and even when Mao hasn’t decided to, say, pee into the heating vent, it always smells stale and faintly litter-boxy.  When Mao’s been a busy boy, it reeks.

The next morning, hubby could not believe what he smelled: NOTHING!

  • Removes ALL odors, not just pet odors.
  • Also removes germs and allergens
  • Costs about a penny a  day to run.
  • No filters to change.
  • Comes in corded or wall-unit styles, and an auto-adaptor is available

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CritterZone has changed my life, and I think it will change yours, too. Order one to get your $10 off and let me know how well it’s worked for you!


THE FINE PRINT: CritterZone provided Mousebreath with a unit free of charge in addition to promotional considerations.



7 thoughts on “CritterZone: The De-Stinkifier every Cat Lady MUST Own

  1. our mommer sez: fan(sumthin’)tastic! marvelous! incredible! astonishing! amazing! unbelievable! astounding! stupefying! impressive! flabbergasting! it’s like we don’t have any stinking hairy beasts around here any more!

    we are currently workin’ onna plan to “raise her awareness” of us again. stay tuned.

  2. We has got to get this! Do they make one that my stinky brother can wear around his neck, too?

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