da end

hello sportz fanz …
dat’z rite …
fer mi brudder, matsui, an yerz trooley … it’z da end. da end uvva grate seezon an da end uvva mizerabul post seezon.
jus to let u know … mi yankeez were swept by mi bes dawg, titus’ detroit tigerz.
an so … mi brudder an i will think abowt wut’z gointa happen over da off seezon fer owr teem. wut changez will be made.
oh well … in da werdz uv da grate john sterling, yankeez annownser, “dat’z baseball.”
maybe i will consider watchin football or sumthin.

6 thoughts on “da end

  1. Maxwell: Jeter, dood. At least you can hold yer head up high. OUR team is the KC Royals. *shakes head sadly* Season? WHAT season? *sigh…..*

  2. Sorry, dood, that sux. The A’s are out, too, and the Giants are barely holding on. I think they just couldn’t score enough touchdowns in the 4th inning, or something like that…

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