Has Zazzle Lost its Dazzle? Here’s a Pawsome Alternative with 30% Off

If you’ve ever run a Zazzle store or purchased from Zazzle, you know it can be a spendy proposition. I recently found an alternative that has left my wallet singing with joy.

Even better, it offers you the option of designing custom printed shoes in a wide variety of styles. (I loved this option on Zazzle, but they discontinued it a couple of years ago, and they only had one shoe style available.)

The site is Artsadd.com. Prices are a fraction of Zazzle’s, and the product inventory is smaller but more diverse, especially in the handbag selection.

And did I mention the merchandise is a lot less expensive?

For example, these 16X16″ canvas prints are just over $12 each after the current 30% promotional discount is applied (coupon code: artsadd).

16X16" canvas print: $12.09 after 30% discount
16X16″ canvas print: $12.09 after 30% discount
16X16″ canvas print: $12.09 after 30% discount

But what got me to this site in the first place was a well-placed Facebook ad promoting their custom-print shoes.

$28.41 after 30% discount


$28.41 after 30% discount




$20.15 after 30% discount

And then, I saw the handbag selection! Depending on the style, most are under $40, and many are made of high grade PU Leather, which looks just like leather (really!), but no animals were killed to produce it.

$22.67 after 30% discount



$23.93 after 30% discount


And, mama’s gettin’ a new laptop bag:

$15.11 after 30% discount

In addition to the current 30% off promotion, there’s an additional discount on specific items on what seems like a randomized basis. Speaking of random–on their home page you can spin a roulette wheel and if you’re lucky, you can get as much as a 40% discount on your purchase.

If the pricing isn’t enough to suck you in, the FREE SHIPPING might. Zazzle’s shipping price structure is among the most expensive I’ve run across–especially if you are ordering different product types that are produced in different facilities. There’s nothing worse than loading up your Zazzle shopping cart only to discover that shipping costs more than the items in the cart.

In the interest of shameless self-promotion, the items featured are from my own shops on ArtsAdd: Cat Scouts and Crazy Cat Lady Art, but like Zazzle, you can create your own designs on the fly or open your very own shop. They offer an associates program, and for high-volume sellers, a reseller program is available.

If you’ve had a Zazzle shop, I encourage you to check this out as an alternative or supplement (Product selection is here). And, their marketplace, like Zazzle’s, offers a lot of cool stuff! Check it out at artsadd.com.

They’re currently running a 30% off promotion
30% COUPON CODE: artsadd

NOTE: Their current 30% discount promo is for a limited time only and subject to change at any moment.

4 thoughts on “Has Zazzle Lost its Dazzle? Here’s a Pawsome Alternative with 30% Off

  1. When mom saw the Cat Scout items at Scouts, she was all crazy to get some shoes or laptop case. She hasn’t done it yet. Mom makes tons of stuff on Zazzle just for us, and never buys unless there is a promotion, and for $9.95 per year all shipping is free! Not trying to push Zazzle. Just sharing info. Mom’s heading over to check out the new site. It’s always great to have options! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

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