Didn’t Get a Pony for Christmas?

Evry yeer I want to git a pony for Krissmiss, but so far, it’s a no-go. I wood take good care of a pony, but the Food Lady sez she’d be the one ending up kleening its poop and feeding it. I did not point out to her that, hey, that’s her job, becuz I’m hoping next yeer maybe I can talk her into gitting me a sheep.

A sheep is more hi-powered than a pony cuz it has four stummiks to make gas inn and that makes ’em more ekonomikul too. And they are vary cumfterble to ride on, espeshully with the sheepskin seat cuvvers. Well, just watch the video up thare and you’ll see whut a sweet ride a sheep can be.

Then put it rite thare on yer 2013 Santa list.

3 thoughts on “Didn’t Get a Pony for Christmas?

  1. Hmmm…that might be fun but I think I’d rather have a donkey. Then whenever the Woman got on it I could yell QUIT RIDING MY…well, you get the point…

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