Do You… Haiku?

Thare is a new book I’d like to rekummend to all literate cats who enjoy poetry. It is written by Won Ton, a cat that’s stuck in a shelter but gits adopted by a boy and his famly. Won Ton seems like a tuff cat, but underneath his tuff exterior is a kitteh who is as vulnerable as a tiny kitten.

Won Ton writes a type of poetry that’s like Haiku called Senryu. Like Haiku, it has three lines that don’t rime, with 5 syllables, 7 syllables and 5 syllables in each line. But Haiku is focused on nature, and Senryu insted is about hyooman nature — or in this case, cat nature.

If you’ve never tride to write poetry, you should start with Haiku cuz you don’t have to rime. I once tride to rite a poem that started, “There once was a cat who was orange,” and I could not find a single werd at that rimed with it. So I gave up poetry writing. Riming is hard.

Here are sum of the grate poems that Won Ton rites in his book:

As he gazes from behind the bars of his cage in the shelter, he writes:

Nice place they got here.
Bed. Bowl. Blankie. Just like home!
Or so I’ve been told.

He describes the moment he first arrives at his new home:

Wait-let me back in!

And he expresses his distaste for his name:

Won Ton? How can I
be soup? Some day, I’ll tell you
my real name. Maybe.

There are 30 more poems in this book that are just as good.

The book is full of pictures painted by Eugene Yelchin. They are reely grate pictures that capture Won Ton’s purrsonality. If I rote a book, I wood like to have Eugene Yelchin paint the pictures of me cuz he seems to understand cats frum the inside out.

Eugene Yelchin illustrates Won Ton
Eugene Yelchin illustrates Won Ton

Anyway this is a pritty easy book fur most cats to read cuz it’s ritten for 5-8 yeer olds. I think yoo will like it. And even if you can’t read, you can look at the byootiful pictures.

You can buy the Won Ton Haiku book on Amazon..


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