Dontcha Need Just One More Cat Bed????

Can you ever have too many cat beds?

Hubby would disagree, but that wouldn’t stop me from trying to sneak another reeeeeeally kyoot one into the house when he’s not looking. If I could crochet, I’d whip up one of these in a heartbeat. Yep, it’s a DIY project guaranteed to take your weary mind off Covid and politics.

Be sure to choose yarn that matches your moggie’s eyes:

crocheted cat bed

LOVE this color!

The longer chesterfield accomodates cats who like to stretch out:

This one could easily be Homer, who insists on sleeping on his back when the weather heats up:

Got a house panther? How purrfect is an orange “couch” for Halloween?

Sadly, these are not sold in stores. But if unlike me, you can crochet, you’re in luck! Two bucks’ll get you a pattern. Patterns include the couch AND mini granny quilts and/or pillows.

Don’t crochet? Maybe it’s time to learn to crochet, if you’ve binged every show in your Netflix queue or need something to do during those interminable Zoom meetings with your office mates.

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