Elegant Chaise for the Modern Mancat



This thing is called a chaise, but you don’t chase it. It sounds like CHAYz, with  a Z sound at the end. I don’t know what the “i” is doin in the middle of the werd. Nobuddy consulted me or Skeezix win they made up the spelling. 

Now, if you don’t like the green color (wich, btw is a good camoflaje color if yer stalking da berds), you can git it in fansy colors like haze, espresso or khaki. Wich translate into gray, dark brown or lite brown.

And boy is it ever cumfterble. The cushuns are filled with 2-inch memery fome wich meens it can remember ware yer furchin is and make room for it. The cushun cuver is remoovable in case yer baby bruther herls on it.  And it will hold lots of wate, but I dunno how big a harum can pile on cuz it didn’t say that in the descripshun.



And you know whut? It’s reezinably priced at only$145, wich is a good deel, I think. You can buy it heer.

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