Every Cute Head Needs A Cat … or Eight


Have you met Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Fiona, Giulietta, Lisbeth, Calista Josette and Astrid yet?  Then you should.  Together they write The Cat On My Head blog. And they are our guests today.  Grab a cup of hot or cold nip tea and settle in for their story.

Cat on Head
Funny Farmer Felines: Would you introduce yourselves and your mom to everyone?

Lily Olivia: I am a calico and the eldest of the Blue Kitties at age 14.

Mauricio:  Misty May is my sister. We were named for volleyball players. We are both nine-year-old tuxie kitties.

Misty May:  I am the cat on my mommy’s head. I even sleep on her face and head-butt her in the face.

Fiona:  I’m short-haired and Giulietta is long-haired.  We’re the grey sisters.

Lisbeth:  My dad says I am a “cow” cat. Astrid, a tortie, is my sort-of-sister. My cat mommy helped raise her and her brother.

Calista Josette:  Hey, don’t forget me. I am a one-year-old dilute tortoise shell and really big for my age.

Astrid:  We call our human Mom or Mommy and sometimes the female human if we are miffed with her.

Funny Farmer Felines: How did you all come to live together?

Lily Olivia:  I was here first. My three brothers and I lived about two blocks away when we were itty bitty. Our humans left us outside all the time and we played in the street at a very busy corner. Our current mom and dad walked by every day, talked and gave us treats. One night, Mommy asked if we’d like to come home with her, and so we followed her. I stayed, but friends of my parents adopted my brothers, Parker, Winston and Sebastian.

Misty May: Mommy found Mauricio and me through a classified ad offering free kittens.

Giulietta: Fiona and I were adopted from a friend of a friend of our mom’s.  .

Fiona: Mommy wanted to adopt a short-haired black kitty but when she saw Giulietta, it was love at first sight. There were two mommy cats and many kittens. Before Mom left with Giulietta, she asked to see all the other kittens again. I gave her my best “please take me home” look, and the next thing I knew both Giulietta and I were in a PTU in Mom’s car.

Lisbeth: I was in foster with Astrid and my mom and siblings.

Astrid: Mommy saw me on PetFinder and fell in love with my sweet face. My brother and I had been found abandoned without our birth mother.  Mommy filled out an on-line application with a local rescue/TNR/adoption group, Barn Cat Buddies, and she was approved. When they came to meet me, they decided to adopt Lisbeth as well.  My brother had already been adopted.

Calista Jo: Mom’s comfort number for kitties has always been seven, but she saw me at a Barn Cat Buddies Adoption Event when she went to deliver the catnip toys she makes. I was there with my sisters, Ellie and DeeDee. Another couple was looking at me and filled out the adoption application. Mom, however, said that if that adoption fell through, she wanted me. The other couple didn’t meet the adoption requirements, and I got to come to this kitty-centric home.

Funny Farmer Felines: You have an interesting mom. She is with a local TNR rescue group which must be exciting enough, but now she is also a Cute Head. Yes, she helps transport rescued cats. (Read about a Cute Head transport.)   Would you tell us a little about these activities?

Astrid: Mommy got involved with Barn Cat Buddies after adopting Lisbeth and me. She started out by making catnip toys for fund-raising. Then she started  donating money to help with vet bills and huge bags of Purina Cat Chow to help feed some of the feral colonies. Now she is taking over keeping the records for donations and vet visits and bills.

Mauricio: Mom volunteered to work with the Cute Heads as my jealousy of other kitties won’t allow her to foster. She just wanted to do more that involved hands-on with the kitties. She did one transport with 13 cats. She’s hoping to do more transports.

Funny Farmer Felines: Every kitty likes to get into mischief.. What kind of mischief do you get into? Separately or together?

Calista Jo: Mosty we are naughty on our own; though, Astrid and I both like to shred paper.

Lisbeth: Along with Astrid and Calista, I like to eat the fresh flowers dad brings home from grocery shopping each week. I also like to dig the dirt out of plants and push things off tables and counters so I can watch them fall and break.

Fiona: I have started picking on Astrid lately. When Mommy sees my tail all puffy and hears Astrid crying, she knows it is time to intervene. I also am bad about scratching the sides of the living room chairs, as is Lisbeth.

Mauricio: I don’t want to admit it, but I spray. I’ll even do it right in front of the humans. Mommy gets so frustrated. She’s tried Feliway, but it hasn’t helped me much. She just won some collars that are supposed to have a calming effect, and she can’t wait to receive and try them on Fiona and me. I also won’t shut up. I talk constantly unless I am outside, eating or napping. And I like to chew on silverware.

Funny Farmer Felines: Do you belong to any clubs or groups?

Lily Olivia: Calista Josette, Astrid and I just joined “The Ladies of Autumn.”

Lisbeth: I know Mom has inquired about getting Misty May, Mauricio and me in the Tuxedo Cat club but hasn’t received a reply.

Funny Farmer Felines: Why did you start blogging and what do you consider its central theme?

Lily Olivia: The central theme is about all of us and what we do.

Misty May: Mommy started writing when she was in the third grade and never stopped. She did it to make a living for a really long time. Other than her poetry, which she hadn’t written in a long time, she had never written just for herself. She always thought she would write a book about us and had many false starts. So one-day, she decided she would write a blog about us instead.

Fiona: She didn’t know anything about designing a blog and had read very few. Lucky for her she had friends who have made this their business, and she was able to hire them to get her up and running. She soon discovered that she was having more fun and was happier than she had ever been.

Giulietta: When this whole thing started, we thought we were just going to have to be cute and act cute so she could report on our antics.  We had no idea she was going to conscript us to write some of the posts and close to 100 percent of the comments on other blogs. We try to do these tasks without too many complaints.

Calista Jo: Yeah, she has won lots of good stuff for us from other blogs and bought us lots of cool stuff we never would have had if she hadn’t seen them on other kitty blogs. So we try to do our part to help her out.

Funny Farmer Felines: Do you have any special plans for the future of your blog?

Astrid: Not particularly. Mom wants to keep it pretty much as it is. She won’t do any advertising for money and has no plans to sell anything. She wants to keep it about the writing and photos, which is okay with us.

Mauricio: We have started doing some product testing and reviews. With eight of us in residence, we make great test subjects if a company wants lots of feedback.

Funny Farmer Felines: What do you like and dislike about blogging?

Lily Olivia: We love all the new kitty friends we are making from all over the world and learning about them. We even have an Honorary sister, Nylablue from Nylablue and SherriEllen’s Perfect Pad, and an Honorary brother, Bisous Bailey Blue, from Bailey Boat Cat. If we find any additional “blue” kitties in the blogosphere, we may offer them Honorary membership in the Kitties Blue Family.

Lisbeth: What we dislike is the amount of time Mom spends writing our blog and reading other ones. We think she should give us her full attention 24/7.

Funny Farmer Felines: What advice would you give to anyone just starting a blog?

Misty May: Read, read, read other blogs, make friends with other bloggers and leave comments on those blogs. At least in the world of pet blogs, everyone is so friendly and helpful. If you get stuck and don’t know how to do something, someone who knows how is already sitting at their computer and will be glad to help you. And link to other blogs in your posts. Those bloggers appreciate it and will often return the favor. And Mommy wishes other bloggers would proofread prior to hitting publish.

Funny Farmer Felines:  We would like to thank the entire feline family for stopping by to chat.  We hope you enjoyed learning about them.  We did.

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  1. We liked reading about how you all came to live together. We could listen to those stories all day! Thanks for interviewing a great gang! Purrs…

  2. grate interviews guys !!! maurico 🙂 rock on buddy ~~~ N lily…we haza grate pal frum tim’s commentary… buddy B who iza russian bloo 🙂
    hay, hope everee one haza grate week oh end ; eat plentee oh SOLE :)!!!
    headbonks…ouch..two yur mom for helpin in transport ~~~~~

  3. I love learning more about the gang at The Cat on my Head. I follow their antics all the time. They write a very entertaining blog and I always look forward to reading it.

  4. Well we are BIG fans of Kitties Blue and have been for a while – we all live in Virginia (YAY) so we can complain about the weather together!! We enjoy keeping up with the big crowd of kitties Miss Janet is owned by (tee hee) and think this truly is a WONDERFUL “inside view” of life at their house. Never boring – always fun. Thanks for the interview everyone!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  5. We all what to thank Jan and the Funny Farmer Felines for interviewing us and posting for everyone. Astrid did want to confess that she did not tell efurrybuddy how she has a penchant for escaping and sending Mom into a tizzy chasing her for hours around the yard. She’s been feeling guilty and thought she better admit her naughtiness. Love, purrs and hugs to all, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

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