Fashion Friday: Ear Flap Cat Caps

Feline Fashion - Cat wearing ear flap cap

Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix heer — are you reddy for Ear Flap Cat Caps???

I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving and gots gobs and gobs of turkey!

I wuz gonna have Tripper model the ear flap cat caps, but he’s having a time out for the rest of the yeer after restling the Turkey off the counter wile it was “resting” and trying to haul it under the kitchen table. It took the Food Lady furever to scrape all of the cat hair off the turkey but she sed “whut yer gests don’t know won’t kill them.” Good to know.

So Mao is modeling.

On today’s Fashion Show Friday, we’re featuring earflap hats wich are exsellent to keep yer ears and nek warm. And the best part about it is that they are KLASSY. They have real live fo fur inside and fo fur is vary klassy.

The cap at the top is bloo wich is a nice color fur Meezers and other cats with blue eyes. It feechers real live fo fur frum maybe a smurf or other bloo creecher, styled in a Donald Trump ‘do.

This is probly the most pawpular ear flap cat cap you’ll find this yeer … remember seeing it on Harley? Harley looked like a dork in his, prooving that 1) He shood give up modeling and leeve it to the pros in his house, and 2) Harley shood git his own blog and keep his dorky pikchers off Daisy’s blog.

But I digress.

You can also git nek scarfs that match her ear flap cat cap. Below, Mao models a ear flap cat cap and skarf in a festive Nordic pattern. This cat hat is lined in reel live fo sheep fur. It’s grate fur the Krissmiss holidays.

Feline Fashion - Cat wearing ear flap cap cats in hats

This last hat is manly AND klassy. It has earflaps that can go up or down. Man, you cood spend all day just playing with this cap moving the flaps up then down up then down up then down. It is also lined with reel live fo sheep fur.

Ear Flap Cat Caps - funny cat hats

Where to buy ear flap cat caps

The ferst two kyoot ear flap cat caps are available frum Build-a-bear:

Bloo plad ear flap cat cap

Red nordic ear flap cat cap

Whadya think? Are ear flap cat caps not the best invenshun EVER????

2 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Ear Flap Cat Caps

  1. Skeezix, I think Mao looks MUCH better modeling the hat than Harley. Harley thinks modeling is a game. That is very Wrong of him.

    ps: You do look extra-manly in your red plaid hat!!!

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