Fashion Friday: What Not to Wear

Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix heer with a cupple of feline fashionista tips as we move into the holiday seezin. Dig yer Christmas sweaters out of the mothballs, and get your Santa on!

Ware the owtfit. Don’t let the owtfit ware you.

In the example below, the kyoot swetter has compleetely taken over the cat. She will not be able to recover frum this fashun fo paw. Ever.
cat hate christmas sweater

DO NOT stuff the Santa Cap into yer ear.

It could push yer branes out the other ear or maybe git stuk.
ho ho ho cat
Also, you don’t need to spike the ‘nog with qwite so much nip. A little goze a long way.


DO NOT dress like vegetation.

Dogs pee on vegetation.
cat wearing christmas holly


Fashion Win

Here is how it’s done, kittehs:

tiny tabby christmas sweater cute kitten

I hope these tips help you have a fashionable and festive holiday seezin!



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