Fashion Friday: Manly Mancat Shirts

skeezix the cat models a "ladies Man' tshirt for fashion show friday

Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix heer.

Today, I’m gonna give you sum fashun advice on evryday ware. That’s what you ware win yer not out on a date or at cherch or a wedding or sumthing.

The foundation of any mancats wardrobe should be a collection of very nice, very klassy t-sherts like the one I’m modeling heer. It says, “Ladies Man Hot Stuff” on it, and it’s seeled with a kiss.

Now you can tell this is a vary klassy t-shert becuz all the werds are spelt rite and it has sum glitter on it. Glitter is about as klassy as it gits.

I know whut yer thinkin’.

Yer thinkin’ why is Skeezix waring a gerlcat magnet shert when he alreddy has a speshul frend?

Well, my frend Tripper has bin giving me dating advice and told me that if yer speshul frend is 3000 miles away, then what goze on in Castro Valley stays in Castro Valley.

So git out a map. If yer gerlcat frend is more than 6 inches away frum you on the map, yer probly good to go.

Heer are sum shirts that mite help you git lucky:

cat or dog tshirt the love doctor

chick magnet pet hoodie

Stud Muffin tshirt for pets

As you can planely see, these sherts are vary klassy and vary fashunuble. And thare reely grate to ware on casual Fridays.

If you got a shert with a saying on it, what wood it say?

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