Fashion Show Friday: Martha Stewart Pets Windbreaker

Video: Skeezix Models Martha Stewart Pet Fashions

Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix heer.

I was vary vary lucky to see my frends frum PetSmart at BlogPaws last weekend, cuz they were showing off thare entire line of Martha Stewart Pet fashuns. And the minit they saw me, they gave me lots and lots of samples to model and to give to Mousebreath reeders!

This is my faverite frum the hole collection. It is an athletik-stile windbraker rane jacket in Martha Stewart’s signicher colors of seafome green and robin’s egg bloo. It has a hole to stik a leesh thru, so you can ware it win yer out on a walk. It has a speshul spacious pocket on the top ware you can keep importunt stuff you wunt to take with you like toys and treets and maybe yer pawsport. It even has a hood so the rane won’t git in yer ears in case you git stuk in a hurricane like I did last week!

Also, it is deezined to purrmit complete freedom of movement in the arms and legs. Vary comfy!

As you can planely see, it is vary byootiful and stylish. The colors will flatter just about any color of cat, espeshully ones with bloo or green eyes.

Stay tooned to Mousebreath, cuz I’ll be modelling more fashuns frum Martha Stewart Pets AND I’ll be giving some away, too!!!!

But if you can’t wate to win yer own kyoot owtfit, you can buy Martha Stewart Pets fashions at PetSmart!

Heer is a pikcher of Martha’s dawg Sharkey, waring the same windbraker. Looks better on cats, duzn’t it????

martha stewart pets petsmart windbreaker

6 thoughts on “Fashion Show Friday: Martha Stewart Pets Windbreaker

  1. No question that it looks much better on kitties in general and YOU in particular. So stylish!! I hope I can win one, although I’m not sure if my cats will be nearly so pleased with it. =^..^=

  2. You sure are right that it looks better on cats, Skeezix! I like that pocket where you can carry your toys or a treat with you! You are a pawsome model.

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