Fashion Friday: How to Pose Like a Model


Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix heer.

Sinse most of you will be putting on kyoot Halloween owtfits and pozing fur fotos this weekend, I thot it wood be a good time to give you sum modeling tips.

Modeling is secund nature to me, but I realize it’s not for everycat. But once you understand how to modul, you’ll realize it’s reely eezy.

As most of you know, I went to Kansas this week, and the minit I herd I was going to Kansas, I knew I had to ware a Dorothy Gale owtfit. (Akshully, my frend Dorian the qweeen of kyoot sugjested it.) In the top foto, I’m posing in my Dorothy costume.

You’ll note that I am standing up strate with good posture. I have my head up and I’m looking in the direkshun of the camra, but I’m not staring strate into it. If you look rite into the camra, you mite look like Charles Manson or Russell Brand. Scary. Unless yer going for scary.

It’s importunt not to smile reel big fur modeling fotos. You want to look enigmatic. Wich meens that no cat can tell whut’s going on in yer hed.

In the foto below, we see how NOT to pose win yer modeling. This cat (we’ll call him “Mal”) is slumping with vary bad posture. He is not looking in the direkshun of the camra. Not even close.

He’s also all crooked. He blames it on the camra purrson, but I think it’s becuz he was posing crookedly. And, if you have a long nose like Mao Mal, you shood never pose in profile cuz it just emfasizes yer big nose.

Also, he has a cranky expresshun on his face. You can’t hide cranky frum the camra:


I hope this helps you pose good fur yer Halloween fotos!

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