Feelin’ Friskie?

Skeezix and Tripper with The Friskies Statuette

The twelve finalists in “The Friskies” Internet cat video award contest have been announced!

A bleary-eyed selection panel made the preliminary cut, wading through over 1400 entries to come up with the 12 finalists — three in each of four categories.

In addition to Internet fame and glory and the magnificent catuette shown above, category winners will win $2500 each, and the grand prize winner will take home $15,000!

The contenders can’t do it, though, without your help. Both pawpular voting and judges’ selection will determine the winners, to be announced at a gala Hollywood event on November 14th — and Mousebreath will be there live to repurrt on the festivities!

Shelter cats win, too! Each entry, vote, like or share of a video at The Friskies® Facebook page triggers a donation of 5 cans of Friskies® to one of 25 cat charity partners across the nation.*

Shaun Belongie, Friskies brand manager, said, “Cats see the world very differently than we do and the finalists’ videos give us a great peek into that world.”

From a herd of cats playing in box spaceships to a blind cat playing with a toy for the very first time, the videos celebrate cattitude and demonstrate why cats are well on their way to world domination.

The show will be streamed live at 5 p.m. CT/6 p.m. ET, Wednesday, Nov. 14 at www.TheFriskies.com.

*up to 250,000 cans

THE FINE PRINT: Mousebreath Editor Karen Nichols is a judge of The Friskies Internet cat video contest and has been compensated by Friskies for serving in that role.

2 thoughts on “Feelin’ Friskie?

  1. We are so excited to see who wins! Thanks to Friskies and all involved for this wonderful experience. We are mom & dad to 12 beautiful rescue kitties and 3 large rescue dogs :). Our video Which Way Did It Go? is just a small snippet of nightly activity around here.

  2. Woooohooooo! Congrats to the finalists. Can’t wait to see who wins it 🙂

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