Feline Blue? These Togs Are For YOU!

Contrary to pawpular belief, my fave color is not pink, but aqua blue. The kind of blue you imagine in a Mediterranean lagoon. And if you’re like me, you will adore this feline frock and accessories from ModCloth (which, btw, carries a lot of modish cat items).

Now, if you’re being pelted by winter storms right now, you’re probably not thinking of Spring, but it was a 70-degree tshirt-and-shorts day here (which is warmer than many of our summer days.) If I were the type to show off my flabby arm curtains in public, I’d buy this dress in a flash:


I can’t guarantee that these shoes will match the dress (product description states the dress as “green”), but they look like they do on my computer monitor.


And in a bit more dusty hue, an infinity scarf:


The white cat dress is about $150 (a little rich for my cat blogger’s salary), the black cat shoes are $60, and the black cat scarf is an affordable $20.

I do not know if the Fashion Police permit the wearing of black cats and white cats in the same ensemble.

More details on each item:

  • The dress is made of 100% organic cotton. It zips up the back, so it helps to have a significant other around to zip you up.
  • The shoes have a leather upper, with a man-made lining and sole.
  • The cats on the scarf have an embossed velvety texture (only 2 left, so hurry!). The scarf is 100% Viscose and measures 66 inches in circumference and 20.5 inches in width.

If you’re a ModCloth fan, they’re currently having a 70%-off post holiday sale, so check it out!

2 thoughts on “Feline Blue? These Togs Are For YOU!

  1. I am actually glad that the dress probably doesn’t come in my size because I couldn’t afford it. I do love the scarf and shoes though and could afford the scarf.

  2. Oh MAX! I am Aspen age 10. How old are YO? I am still looking for a Valentine’s Day Date! Do you like Salmon? My plan is we will eat our fill of Salmon and even the new Broth as our Dessert! So consider me for your Valentine!

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