Feline Flip Flops!

I live in flip flops almost year around because bunion renders regular shoes painfully unwearable. Plus, I’m at an age when I can get away with dressing like a crazy old geezer. So you can understand why I was so excited to see these cute cat flip flops developed by a Japanese company called Nyara Geta.

The name–Nyara Geta–is a combination of three words: Nya is a Japanese word for “meow;” Nara is the city where the slippers are made; and geta is the name of traditional Japanese footwear.

Each pair costs 3,780 yen (around $35).

They also sell toed stockings so you don’t have to wear them with bare feet.

I know you can’t WAIT to buy ’em, but that’s a little tricky…the site is in Japanese. But if you go to the product page, hit Chrome’s translate button, then scroll to the bottom. There’s a dropdown for you to select your style and quantity. When you’re done, press the top yellow button to go to your shopping cart.

But before you get that far, it doesn’t appear that 1) You can select a size other than womens/kids and 2) they ship to the U.S. So you’ll just have to wait for them to be available here.

In the meantime, you can console yourself with a pair of these via AliExpress.com for about $10:

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