Joplin Cat Harnesses the Power of Purr… and Facebook

Freya the Cow Cat hadn’t lived in her furever home in Joplin Mizzurry for vary long. Just sinse January. But in that short time she found a furever spot in the heart of Desiree Rodgers.

Freya was given as a gift to Desiree as a 24th birthday prezint and to comfert her after a miscarriage. Freya took her healing role serioussly and in the process she and Desiree sort of became sole mates. And that connekshun was tested when the horribul tornado devasted Joplin recently.

Desiree and her fiancé, Matthew Morris, were at the grocery story buying Fansy Feest and stuff win the storm sirens sounded. Store employees ushered them and other custumers into the prodoose cooler to wate it out. When the twister hit, the roof collapsed on top of Desiree, hoo was just seven weeks pregnant at the time. She was pinned underneath, unable to moove, for two hours.

At the hospital, covered in blood, medical purrsonell told Desiree she was having a miscarriage. Desiree was devustated. But when she still didn’t have any feeling in her legs the next day, she transferred to a hospitul in Kansas, where her mom and dad live. Docters thare found that the source of the bleeding was her kidneys, and that her baby was just fine. Desiree’s prognosis was good.

Which left Desiree with one thing left to werry about: Freya.

Confined to a hospital bed in Kansas, Desiree frantikly sawt peeple who wood go to Joplin and serch for her cherished cow cat. Every moment not spent resolving medical issues was spent searching online for Freya.

“Have you seen Freya?” she would write. She posted pikchers of Freya on her Facebook page.

Desiree’s cuzzin traveled to Joplin and registered Freya with the Humane Society. Relatives visited the site of Desiree’s apartment, now a pile of debris, but couldn’t find the cat.

It seemed hopeless, but Desiree didn’t give up on Freya. A couple of days ago, Matthew showed up with Freya in his arms. The Humane Society had located her, and since she was waring a collar and a tag with thare fone number on it, they were able the reunite the cat with her famly.

“Myself and my fiance, we’re alive,” Desiree said. “And now I have my cat and my baby. We’ll make it. Everything else will be OK.”

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  1. Wow! What a lucky girlie! Freya is fortunate to have been found an’ Desiree is lucky, too!

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