Firehouse Cat Saves Firemen

A South Carolina tabby whose orange coat mimics the flames his firefighting pals extinguish is being hailed as their savior.

The firefighters at the Belmont Fire Department in Greenville rescued “Flame” a couple of years ago when they found him near the firehouse, scared and skinny as a rail.

Firefighter engineer Jordan Lide won’t forget that fateful day:

“It was getting a little bit later and guys were making their way inside and I heard a meowing sound out in the grass,” he recalled. “I could see this small cat but he didn’t run. He was really skinny and malnourished. I think he was scared and timid but kind of desperate at the same time.

“I started edging my way towards him, squatting down and talking to him,” he added. “Eventually, after 15 to 20 minutes, he let me get to him and as soon as I pet him for the first time, it was game on. He started climbing all over my lap and I could tell how malnourished he was.”

Chief Anthony Segars wasn’t sold on the idea of having a fire station cat. But it didn’t take long for him to come around. “My guys, they see horrible accidents, horrible things every day,” Segars told ABC News. “We’re involved in something weekly that stresses to them to some degree and he is a tremendous stress relief to these guys. He is therapeutic after a bad call comes in.”

Lide agrees. “You don’t realize he’s therapeutic until you’re playing with him and he starts rubbing up on you. It’s a mental break,” he said. “We’re on shift for 24 hours running calls and working, and we see the worst side of stuff sometimes, and the innocence of him, he just wants to be loved on and played with, and then you forget you were in a bad fire.”

But seriously, who would pass up the opportunity to sit in a hunky handsome fireman’s lap?

You can follow Flame the Arson Cat on  Instagram.

Here’s a vid of Flame:




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